Get Off Your Gas

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GET OFF YOUR GAS -- Let's use in your face patriotism. - It's the only way all Americans can help replace foreign oil with homegrown energy is to put the heat on the politicians playing pipeline politics with our kids lives and America's future. View our "Buy Back America" campaign on

Boca Raton, FL --It's long past time to pull the plug on foreign oil -- and encourage the development of and mass use of alternative Made in the USA fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.

The more foreign oil we use, the longer it will take to bring our kids home from Iraq.

We encourage you to log on to the web site -- the grassroots response of the American people that has been growing leaps and bounds --it is a gutsy display of bottom-up public patriotism that slices across the boundaries of race, class, age and gender.

We need to BUY BACK AMERICA. People forget our elected politicans are our employees, We hire them and we can fire them.

F.O.I.L. The Foreign Oil Independence League started out as one manÕs patriotic response to the events of September 11th. It has now evolved into the only place that millions of average Americans can show their anger, patriotism, support and be part of getting the truth out about the connection between terrorism, foreign oil and pipeline politics. Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, young and old, we are all victimized by terrorists, and government disregard for made-in-USA energy.

The days of honey-coated messages are over or they should be.To-the-point patriotic messages about the need for alternative fuel will. Now you can do something about it. You can actually own a piece of a GET OFF YOUR GAS billboard and receive a classic patriotic deed. you can have forever.

Since World War I, posters and billboards have been used to spread ideas, promote causes, urge conservation of resources, sway public opinion and unite people.


Lots of Americans have deeds to property, titles for their cars and other bits of paper establishing ownership. But few have a "Patriotic Deed," a document commemorating their participation in a cause that's vital to the future of America.

For a donation of $20, citizens can purchase one square foot of a billboard. But the contribution is not just a money thing. It's a philosophical statement and a patriotic stand. Those who purchase a square foot of a FOIL billboard thereby become an investor in America's fight for national security, foreign oil independence and hands-on participation in a world struggle to make life free and peaceful for all mankind.

Contributors will receive a patriotic deed that lets them know the importance of what they have done. The deed also brings with it a number of benefits. It is a piece of history, it evokes memories, it represents honor and respect, to name just a few. Copy of Patriotic Deed is attached and a copy of the Get Off Your Gas billboard as well.

The choice of billboards can be seen on
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Get Off Your Gas

For the connection between your underwear and terrorism.
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