Technology Helps Propel New Australian Comedian

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John Armytage, a new and rising Australian comedian, makes tremendous progress by using patent-pending comedy evaluation software to rapidly develop and refine stand-up comedy material in record time.

New Australian comedian John Armytage has gone farther in his 3 month old comedy career than most comedians can accomplish in years. According to Armytage, one of the key elements of his rapid success is directly linked to his use of recently introduced software technology called Comedy Evaluator Pro.

Armytage is the owner of Southside Hair & Beauty PtyLtd, a highly successful hair and beauty supply business in New South Wales. He began using the patent-pending Comedy Evaluator Pro software in October when he was selected to participate in an experimental program started by Steve Roye, author and co-founder of Baquay Publishing LLC and The program is called "Make Money In Comedy In 90 Days" and fully integrates use of the new software as a part of the program.

By using the software and the business model provided in the experimental program, Armytage reports that he has been able to earn the respect of established comedy venue owners, secure high paying corporate performances and collaborate with some of Australia's most popular comedians and speakers in a matter of weeks instead of years.

"I’ve always known I was funny" states Armytage. "I would get invited to every social event and function because I could make people laugh. But I never seriously believed that I could have a career as a comedian. Now I know that not only can I have a lucrative comedy career, but I can also make things happen very quickly with the technology and the business strategies provided in the experimental program I am now a part of."

The online version of Comedy Evaluator Pro was released in October 2003 and has been featured in the Australian media. The software provides a numerical index of the percentage of accumulated laughter in relation to the time a performer is on stage. In other words, the software objectively tells a comedian exactly how funny he or she is based on audience response.

The software also includes applications for television, film, advertising and talent agents that will be released in the next several months.

Armytage attributes his confidence and early success on stage directly to the Comedy Evaluator Pro software. "I knew after one performance that I was working at a headliner level with my comedy material. I didn’t have to ask another comedian, comedy club owner or my friends and family how well I did. That gave me tremendous confidence in my skills on stage right from the beginning. Now when I develop new material, I know exactly what level it is at and exactly where I need to make adjustments with it in minutes."

Armytage believes he has already shaved years off the conventional process for developing a quality comedy act and establishing a viable comedy career. "How many people can say that they have 35 minutes of headliner quality comedy material that kills on stage after only 3 months?" asks Armytage. "I can. That’s not just me saying it. I use software that proves it. It's all based on quantifiable audience response." is a division of Baquay Publishing LLC and includes and, organizations dedicated to product research, development, quality improvement and marketing for global entertainment markets in the field of comedy entertainment and presentations incorporating humor.

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