FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE To: The General Public From: Maria Vowell, PO Box 843, Barnesville Ga. 30204 Email: [email protected] Cell Phone: (478) 718-1028

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Forsyth Ga. attorney W. Ashley Hawkins, Special Assistant to the Attorney General, conspires to kidnap many Georgia children. Governor Sonny Perdue admits that this is a "serious issue"

On September 4th of this year, Lamar County caseworker Allison Nash arrived at the home of Ms. Maria Vowell with armed City of Barnesville police officers. On this day, Allison Nash used threat and duress to kidnap Ms. Vowell’s five children. The cause of Allison Nash’s arrival was due to a call made to DFACS by Holly Daniel Moore, a family therapist in the area who had visited Ms. Vowell’s oldest daughter at the Lamar County High School on that day with the approval of the Public School Officials. While at the High School, Moore admittedly solicited Ms. Vowell’s minor child (age 14) as a client. Also, the officers that assisted Nash on September 4th, did not press any criminal charges on Ms. Vowell, nor did they fill out an incident report.

The cause of the kidnapping as stated by Nash was because of a broken window in the home (which did not have shards of sharp glass in it). Since the date of the kidnapping of Ms. Vowell’s children, the following has happened: Attorney Ashley Hawkins of Forsyth Ga., a special assistant to the attorney general, sent a letter to five DFACS agencies in five different counties (Lamar, Peach, Butts, Monroe and Crawford counties) and notified the supervisors of these counties that they had been holding a number of illegal hearings on Georgia families.

Instead of seeking dismissals as he should have, Hawkins instead told these supervisors that he was going to lie to the judge so that dismissals would not occur. Eight days after Hawkins notified the supervisors in these counties that the hearings were illegal, Lamar County caseworker Nash and Hawkins went ahead and held this illegal hearing on Ms. Vowell even though they knew they could not do so according to Georgia Law.

Ms. Vowell was not subpoenaed to this hearing. The court order itself admits to the fact that Ms. Vowell was never subpoenaed yet they conducted it anyway without her being present. During this hearing, juvenile judge Sharon Whitwell ordered that Ms. Vowell could have no contact with her children. This meant that she could not visit her children, call her children nor write her children letters. Considering that even serial killers have the right to write their immediate family, this goes to show that this juvenile judge is also a co-conspirator with Nash and Hawkins in the kidnapping of Ms. Vowell’s children.

Here’s a mother that broke no law, who did not abuse her children and yet she has been ordered to have no contact with her children at all or even write them letters. This sounds like a corrupt caseworker, attorney and judge. And to make matters worse, juvenile judge Sharon Whitwell held yet another hearing against this mother, but this time it was behind closed doors and lasted only seconds.

Tamara Jacobs, attorney in Barnesville, Ga. filed a petition for custody on Ms. Vowell’s oldest daughter on October 29th, 2003 at 4:00 pm and the judge issued an order granting custody on October 29th, 2003 at exactly 4:00 pm, the same day! Thus we have this same corrupt judge giving custody of Ms. Vowell’s oldest daughter to Jacobs in the blink of an eye, with no notification to the mother whatsoever. And to top it off, Jacobs then sent a petition for custody to Ms. Vowell, asking her to sign it TWO DAYS AFTER the judge had already granted her custody. One could suppose that she thought Ms. Vowell was an idiot to sign for her to have custody when all Ms. Vowell has done is to try to get her children returned home where they rightfully belong.

When Ms. Vowell wrote to the City Council members of Barnesville Ga., Lynn Wilson, attorney in Barnesville and also city council member, wrote her back informing her that the juvenile court in Lamar County treated people "worse than a Jew in 1930’s Nazi Germany." The Nazis tore innocent families apart just as Nash, Hawkins, Whitwell and Jacobs are doing today.

The only difference is that Ms. Vowell’s children have not been sent to the gas chamber. They have though, been ripped from a mother that loves them very much and have been thrown into something as bad as a concentration camp. They have been thrown into a legal web where government workers and officials do not care about their tears or their emotional needs. This is the most abhorant form of bureaucratic child abuse. Ms. Vowell did not abuse her children. Nash, Hawkins and Whitwell are the ones abusing her children daily, and abusing many other Georgia children as well. All of this is documented truth; enough documented truth to cause Governor Sonny Perdue to send a personal reply back to Ms. Vowell stating that this was a "serious issue" and that he will "pray for a positive outcome."



To: The General Public

From: Maria Vowell, PO Box 843, Barnesville Ga. 30204 Email: [email protected] Cell Phone: (478) 718-1028

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