New Poll Shows Most Sinus Headache Sufferers May Actually Have Migraine Headaches

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A recent poll conducted by Ashtar International showed that 93% of Americans with chronic sinus headaches may instead have chronic migraines. With 60 million chronic sinus headache sufferers in America, that means as many as 50 million headache patients could be mis-diagnosed. Since both sinus headaches and migraines share some classic symptoms, millions of chronic headache sufferers are not getting the proper treatment to relieve their pain.

A new poll shows that 93% of people who believe they have chronic sinus headaches may instead have chronic migraine headaches. 1,000 self proclaimed "chronic" sinus headache sufferers were polled concerning their sinus headache symptoms. Each participant was asked a series of questions related to their headache symptoms, and each was given an additional checklist to record which symptoms were most prevalent in his or her case. 280 surveys were completed and returned.

Of the total 280 respondents, 93% described symptoms associated with classic migraines, not sinus headaches. With an estimated 60 million chronic sinus headache sufferers in America, it turns out the vast majority may actually be un-diagnosed migraine sufferers. This could mean that most migraine headache sufferers don't even know they have migraines, and they're not getting the appropriate treatment.

Many people automatically assume they're having sinus headaches because they're experiencing sinus congestion, facial pain, facial pressure, and jaw pain. Yet studies show as many as 50% of diagnosed migraine sufferers also show symptoms generally blamed on the sinus. Many physicians also mis-diagnose chronic headaches as "sinus" because the symptoms appear sinus related.

Unlike migraines, sinus headaches are almost always connected to sinus infections. If a person is experiencing headaches with sinus congestion and pressure, but has no "colored nasal discharge", the headache is probably not sinus related. So if you suffer from chronic sinus headaches, it's important to note -- cluster and migraine headaches often produce the same symptoms.

It's important to get the right diagnosis in order to get the right treatment. Therefore, if you experience chronic sinus headaches, but have no visible signs of infection, you may be a migraine sufferer. So consult your physician to be sure you're getting the right diagnosis.

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