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Safe, fun, effective and under $50, an interactive stress relief computer program is now made available to the public.

Fact: 1992 UN report called Job Stress "The 20th Century Epidemic"-- The World Health Organization called job stress a "World Wide Epidemic" Fact: Job Stress is estimated to cost American industry 200 to 300 billion dollars annually as assessed by absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover, accidents, direct medical, legal, and insurance fees, workman's compensation awards, etc. Fact: US. Bureau of Labor Statistics -"neurotic reaction to stress" is the 4th disabling workplace injury. In 1993 over 25 days were lost on average by each person suffering job stress. Fact: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-25% of those surveyed said their job was the single greatest cause of stress in their life. Fact: Research now indicates that children between the ages of 9 – 18 are one of the more stressed out age groups.Fact: diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and performance anxiety has reached epidemic proportions. Treatment for ADD and ADHD often result in prescribed class II narcotics. And the good news is … there is real help! Inc, a stress management education and software company located in Beaverton Oregon, has developed, tested and launched an incredible computer software series called relax – rejuv. This series offers a program for Professionals in high stress work environments, for Kids with learning challenges or behavior problems, for the Sports minded individual desiring to increase performance levels and reduce risk of injury, for Healthcare Professionals wanting to enhance their treatment with clients and for Everyone dealing with the simple pressure of daily life.

Research indicates stress is caused by how a person responds to their situation, not by their environmental influences. Adults understand this, and the relax rejuv programs address this. The kids program is extremely effective because children are just learning how to deal with stress. Coping skills aren’t inherited, they are learned. This company offers the programs that will provide you with the stress management skills to cope with anything for the rest of your life.

This particular series involves a 3 “Zone” process. The user can progress through all three “zones” in a single sitting or simply choose a particular “zone” that works best for the moment.The principle behind the success of the TimelessNOW Technique is really rather simplistic. First is the use of beautiful computer generated imagery which is referred to as “FocusFractals”. These fractals are works of art crafted through a computer math program and are designed to evoke a emotional response in the user. The emotional response referred to is much like the response one has when viewing paintings in an art gallery and finds that a particular Renoir or Gauguin speaks to their senses. The user has the option to work each day with a different FocusFractal or choose one particular FocusFractal to work through their issue.

I had the opportunity to play in the “Zones” while testing the software on my desktop. Once I chose my FocusFractal, I moved into the first Zone called The Puddle Zone. I felt kind of silly at first, sitting at my desk moving my mouse cursor making swishes through a water puddle across the face of this fractal image. All the while this melodic music played in the background and my colleagues walked behind me whistling the tune from “The Twilight Zone”. But, block them out I did and once I ignored them and set my mind to finding out if this really worked, I became entranced with the movement of making a figure 8 in the water with my cursor. Sounds easy I know, but it really does take concentration to do this. This was extremely relaxing and conjured forth an image of a lazy summer afternoon laying in a boat while my fingers trailed through cool waters.

At some point my mind said .. move on, enough. So I did and went into Zone 2. The Breathing Zone. True refreshment to the mind and body. Breathing … I mean proper breathing is something we really don’t consciously think about. I learned at 17 how important breathing is while exercising. Not only to prevent passing out and beyond the obvious, short shallow breaths cause stress build up or as some would know it… hypertension. Breathing long deep breaths through the nose and expelling slowly, again through the nose, draws oxygen into the cells and helps refresh the body and mind. Ask any singer, musician, martial arts instructor or massage therapist and they will all tell you the health benefits of developing a proper breathing technique.The Breathing Zone shows you two bubbles. One to inhale and the other to exhale. They are set again to music and in a timed sequence allowing to regulate the breathing with your pulse. This was the hardest part of the program for me but with each breath I became more acclimated to the rhythms of the program.

It was time to move to Zone 3.I found Zone 3 to be interesting. Given that I started the program with no particular thought in mind other than to see what it was all about, I realized quickly that, had I read the instructions first, Zone 3 offered me the “release” from stress buildup. While Zone 3 is the “culmination” of the program benefit, the beginning principle is to initially focus on your stress before beginning the program. We’ve all heard the theory, “Think it, Do it, Be it”. Relax – Rejuv takes it to a simplistic level of “ Think it, Release it”. We know a can opener is designed to open cans but unless action is taken to open the can, the opener won’t do it. This program is no different. Having it on your computer won’t relieve stress by osmosis. Put it into practice and it will work for you. It’s like a computer game but with health benefits.

In addition, TimelessNow has made exceptional breakthroughs in technology applications soon to be featured on cell phones, handhelds and in hotels via pay-per-view. Specific industry groups will also have available desktop applications or the DtQ for workstation or remote use by employees designed to deal with stresses related to their specific industry. Programs for trauma victims are already available and a series of aerobic exercise programs are in the making.

TimelessNow has set a large goal for this company. That is to ensure every man, woman and child in every country has access to these programs. To do this, the founders, Jennifer Beck and Diana Bay have committed a substantial portion of the companies profits to the development of the AppleStar Foundation, a not for profit organization created to good works around the world. Sounds like a couple of “Do Gooders?” No, just two women with an incredible vision and a desire to help people find a way to deal with a most debilitating problem.

These ladies met a little over 3 years ago. Diana Wesley Bay, an energy psychology practitioner working in the Portland area, dedicated her practice primarily to survivors of trauma and children with learning disorders. Jennifer Beck, a pediatric nutritionist, financier and mother of 6, needed reading help for her fourth grade daughter. She was referred to Diana and after her daughter experienced amazing results after the first two sessions, Jennifer was inspired to help Diana make this program available to every parent, everywhere. Jennifer’s financial mind went to work and in a short period of time, these two astounding women created TimelessNow. Programs went into development, testing was completed and recently, the relax-rejuv series was launched to the public.Relax-Rejuv fills a tremendous void in the stress relief market.

This program is easily accessible whether by automatic download or out of the box and needs no remapping. Some programs costing between $10,000 to $40,000 are well out of reach for many Healthcare Providers and other programs offered to the individual consumer find themselves high priced and needing modification. Relax-Rejuv costs under $65 for the CD version and under $50 for the downloadable version. Programs for the Healthcare Professional run $140. In a world where high day to day stress has become a way of life, where many children know nothing of a life of peace, and where the anniversary dates of traumatic events, can conjure up mental images creating stress and anxiety, these programs offered by TimelessNow are extremely helpful and needed.

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