Enertech Labs, Inc. Proudly Introduces its New Line of Products; Fuel Additives, Treatments, and Conditioners; Supplements for Motor, Lubricating, and Hydraulic Oils; and a complete line of Professional Detail and Cleaning Products

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Enertech Labs® is a Manufacturer of Hi-Tech Fuel and Oil Additives, Professional Cleaning Products, Waxes and Polishes. Enertech Labs® is the Peak Performance Specialists� for the Trucking, Transportation, Heavy Duty, Power Generation, Construction, Truck Wash, Rail, Industrial and Marine Markets.

Enertech Labs®, Inc. is a Buffalo, NY based Manufacturer of Premium Quality Additives, Treatments, and Conditioners for Petroleum based Fuels such as; Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, Heating Oils, IFO’s and Bunker Fuels and Motor, Hydraulic, and Lubricating Oils and Greases. Enertech also has a complete line of Professional Quality Detail, Waxes, Polishes, Heavy Duty Cleaners, and Maintenance Cleaning Products for Truck, Transportation, Fleet, Truck Wash, Car Wash, Rail, Construction, Industrial, and Marine Markets. Products for Treating Gasoline, #1, #2, #4, #6, Bunker, IFO, and Crude/Bunker Blends.

Enertech Labs® specializes in problem solving, the creating of custom solutions to meet each of their customers special needs.

In the Fuel Additives category EnerFuel™ is the all season product to remove water, clean injectors, and pumps and fuel systems. EnerFuel™ dramatically improves fuel atomization to improve combustion thereby increasing efficiency for more power, better mileage, and lower emissions.

Inject-R-Clean™ is the one time treatment to quickly reduce smoke and emissions by rapidly cleaning injectors and fuel systems. This cleaning will smooth rough running engines, dramatically improve engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, and significantly reduce engine smoke. Inject-R-Clean™ is the product to help you pass stringent emissions testing with just one treatment.

Polar Flow™ is the Premium cold weather treatment for diesel fuel. Polar Flow™ combines the benefits of EnerFuel with two powerful anti-gels, a wax modifier, and a cold flow improver to lower CP and CFPP by up to 40ºF.

EnerFuel with Lubricity™ combines the benefits of EnerFuel blended with a high quality lubricant to restore the lubricity of Low and Ultra Low Sulfur. By using EnerFuel with Lubricity™ as directed your fuel will meet the B.O.C.L.E. and H.F.R.R. lubricity requirements of the ASTM and those of the OEM Engine Manufacturers.

Thaw-It™ is the Emergency Treatment for “gelled” diesel fuel. Thaw-It™ when used as directed will re-liquefy in as little as 20 minutes.

C-Tane Plus™ is the Cetane Improver for Diesel Fuel. Improving the Cetane rating of fuel improves startability, reduces engine smoke, quiets diesel engine knock, improves throttle response, and increases engine power. C-Tane Plus™ can improve the Cetane rating of diesel fuel by up to 10 rating points.

CFT – Complete Fuel Treatment™ is the Ultimate Cold Weather Fuel Treatment with Water Remover, Injector Cleaner, two Powerful Anti-Gels, Corrosion Inhibitor, and Cetane Improver. When used as directed CFT - Complete Fuel Treatment™ will convert #2D fuel into Premium Fuel as defined by the ASTM.

ABS-T™ Air Brake System Treatment – Methanol based Air Brake System Anti-freeze for use with Air Brake Alcohol Injectors and Alcohol Evaporators.

Terminator™ – Biocide; Powerful Biocide for use in Fuels and Oils. Kills Air, Water, and Fuel Bourne spores, bacteria, and slime. Highly Concentrated, EPA Registered

Sludge Away™; Oil Sludge Re-liquefier and Remover for Storage Tanks. Sludge Away™ Breaks Down and Holds in Suspension Sludge that Forms in the Bottom of Storage Tanks. This Sludge can Plug Fuel Filters and Block Fuel Lines. Sludge Away™ Quickly and Safely Removes this Sludge and allows it pass through the filters and burn normally.

Corona™ Heating Oil Treatment; Powerful Fuel System and Burner Cleaner for Furnaces and Boilers. Improves Fuel Atomization, Reduces Emissions, and Increases Efficiency.

TBB- Truck-Bus-Boat™; Premium Hand and Power Wash Concentrate for Cleaning Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Metal and Glass. Highly Concentrated Formula is both Economical and Easy to Use.

Max Brite™; Powerful Acid Based Cleaner for Aluminum on Trucks, Trailers, and Boats. Highly Concentrated Formula. For Professional Use Only.

EZ Shine™; Cleaner for Stainless Steel and Polished Aluminum. Non-Chalking Cleaner for Highly Polished Metals.

TBB – Perfectly Clear™; Professional Strength Glass Cleaner. Solvent Based Non-Foaming Glass Cleaner. Cuts through Smoke, Oil Films, Dirt, and Smudges to Leave a Streak Free Shine.

Rite Now Concrete Cleaner™; Powerful, Fast Acting, East to Use Cleaner for Concrete Floors, Shop Floors, Fuel Island Pads, and Parking Lots.

Products are available for bulk treatment or in attractive and easy to use retail packaging.

For more information please visit the Enertech Labs, Inc. website at http://www.enertechlabs.com

Enertech Labs®, Inc. – The Energy Technology Company™

Telephone: 1-800-759-2080

Fax: 1-716-597-0217


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