Positive Thinking DOESN’T Work. At Least Not Without This Surprising Power Source...

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— If you’ve been reciting happy little thoughts over and over again and haven’t found the results you were hoping for, you probably have come to the conclusion that positive thinking just doesn’t work.

And you know what? You’re right. Positive thoughts alone aren’t enough to lead to positive results. Before you start unleashing the negative, though, here’s a secret: positive thinking can work.

If you plug it into the right power source!

“Feelings are what determine how well your life works,” explains Lee Watters, author of 3 Days to a Life That Works: How to Reset Your Defaults for Happiness and Success. “You can recite all the happy thoughts you want to, but they won’t make a bit of difference if you still feel annoyed, frustrated or unhappy! Feelings have power that thought don’t.

You can’t have two opposite feelings at the same time. Just try it. Try feeling confident and scared right now. You can’t. You can try to outthink a feeling, but the feeling will win every time.

Explains Watters, “However, you can overcome any negative thought or feeling by replacing it with a positive feeling. That requires focusing on the good aspects of a person, situation or thing. The change starts with a thought and picks up speed with repeated thoughts, but change won’t occur in your life until thought is fortified by the power of your feelings.”

It’s simple: if you want to attract the life you really want, stop thinking about it and start finding ways to feel positive about what you already have.

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  • How easy is to HAVE THE LIFE YOU WANT vs. the way most of us are living now?
  • What fundamental principles are missing from most self-help, fitness or weight-loss programs?
  • What’s the best way to CHANGE THE HABIT of “feeling bad”?
  • What simple choice makes it easier to recover from sexual, emotional or physical abuse?
  • How can you instantly CHANGE YOUR MOOD, without having to work at it?
  • How does doing what you “know” get in the way of being who you really are?

Life Does Work!

Though he’s been alive for 46 years, Lee Watters didn’t really start living until the last few years — after he realized that life can be amusing, surprising and enjoyable if he simply found ways to feel good. He quickly discovered that living that way felt right. It felt good and quickly attracted the life he wanted. And it was a lot easier than being moody, frustrated and stressed all the time. He was even able to get off his 5-year antidepressant prescription.

He’s now a happy father and husband, a seeker and finder, and a dotcom survivor and screenwriter. He led entertainment programming teams at Netscape and AOL and at a sports cable network. He has written television shows and feature films, taught writing at two universities, and he wrote and produced a video series on creativity, management and quality improvement. After overcoming the effects of a traumatic childhood assault, he distilled what he learned about how to create an enjoyable life into a powerful 3-day process. He then founded LifeDoesWork.com and teaches 3Days workshops around the country.

3Days to a Life that Works: How to Reset Your Defaults for Happiness and Success by Lee Watters

1st Books, Mind-Body-Spirit, 2003, ISBN: 1-4107-9187-4; $15.75.


Lee Watters




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