New Harbor Research Study Details Business Opportunities Related to Convergence of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication, Intelligent Device Networking, and the Internet

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Study Portrays New Business and Profit Models Made Possible by Internet-Enabled Device Networking. Markets covered include Buildings, Healthcare, Medical, Home, Consumer, Industrial, Power, Utilities, Retail and Transportation

Harbor Research Inc. has released a comprehensive update to its groundbreaking study, "The Pervasive Internet Opportunity." The December 2003 edition of the study has been completely rewritten and restructured, and new quantitative data, analysis, and portrayal of the new business/profit models made possible by M2M and the Pervasive Internet.

The Pervasive Internet refers to the convergence of M2M (machine-to-machine) pervasive computing, Internet connectivity, enterprise-level data-management applications, and Web-based smart services. The phenomenon arises from the connection of smart devices to the Internet, enabling fully automated global communication, control, and data-collection.

Harbor's study forecasts large and rapid growth of device networking and machine-to-machine (M2M) adoption, but with varying scenarios across various market venues. By 2010, trillions of devices will be connected to the Internet and autonomously communicating with each other and with enterprise systems night and day. Their data will create enormous business opportunities, the most significant of which will relate to global enterprise automation and service delivery.

"The old dot-com slogan 'the Internet changes everything' turns out to be more true than people thought back when they were saying it," said Glen Allmendinger, President of Harbor Research. "A totally connected world means enterprise interdependencies the likes of which we've never seen. Nobody 'goes it alone' in a digital economy. Soon you will do business based upon real-time access to information from manufactured objects that could be located anywhere. Creating business webs' of carefully chosen alliances has always been a good idea. Now it's the key to survival."

"The 'killer apps' of the Pervasive Internet will be supply chain integration, asset optimization, and security," continued Mr. Allmendinger. "The big action will be in bringing the enterprise into the 21st century –- automating and optimizing business processes and functions. Other types of opportunities, such as home automation, are also important, particularly because of their potentially huge volumes. But it's the enterprise-critical innovations that will make the Pervasive Internet the hottest tech news since the PC itself."

The new update of "The Pervasive Internet Opportunity" is a 210-page document that includes these main areas of analysis:

  • Adoption drivers and requirements
  • Application opportunities
  • Market sizing, growth projections, and rates of adoption for networked devices and segments
  • Business models and market development challenges

Supporting the text are over 90 charts, tables and graphics.

Harbor is well-known for its many years of advisory services to major technology suppliers. This new study addresses the complex issues facing device networking / M2M adopters in various vertical market segments. To accomplish this, interviews and surveys were conducted on over 700 technology suppliers, device OEMs, service providers, experts and users, and analyzed in the following areas of opportunity:

  • Buildings / Facilities Office Equipment, HVAC /Environmental
  • Healthcare /Medical Devices
  • Home / Consumer White Goods / Appliances, Game Systems, Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation & Control Equipment, Capital Equipment
  • Power Meters, Distributed Generators, Electricity Grid and Pipelines
  • Retail Scanners & Registers, Lighting & Refrigeration Systems
  • Transportation Vehicles, Airplanes, & Intermodal Transport

Harbor profiles the ways in which companies are now using Internet-enabled devices as a vehicle to drive new business opportunities and to better satisfy customer expectations. The firm also details the key success factors for a growing and profitable approach to the Pervasive Internet by isolating and analyzing best practices.

Harbor Executive Briefing

Each purchase of The Pervasive Internet Opportunity includes an in-person executive briefing in which Harbor analysts explain the direct bearing of the study findings on your company, and answer questions.


The cost of "The Pervasive Internet Opportunity" is $5000.00(US), which includes the executive briefing noted above.

For clients who require specific research that exceeds the scope of the standard study, optional modules are available in two forms:

1. A Configured Research Module: allows the client to focus on their particular opportunity area in more detail.

2. A Custom Workshop Session: a facilitated in-person meeting that focuses on reviewing a strategic opportunity or designing a plan of action for the company. The cost of additional components depends upon client requirements and scope of work. As in all work at Harbor Research, the goal is to assist clients in making quick, well-informed strategic decisions. The findings of this study will provide a unique advantage to participants in the Pervasive Internet.

For additional information, contact: Mark Knebusch, Director of Sales and Marketing,, 800.595.9368 ext. 20 (U.S. only) or

617.357.8700 ext. 20, fax: 617.357.8750,

The December 2003 edition of "The Pervasive Internet Opportunity" is available now.

About Harbor Research, Inc.

Harbor Research Inc. has been a leader in providing strategic consulting and research services to leaders in communications, computing, control and content since 1983. The firm has built extended relationships with larger multi-line companies including AT&T, ABB, General Electric, Danaher, Eaton, Emerson, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Hughes, IBM, Intel, Invensys, Lucent, Motorola, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Texas Instruments, as well as focused growth companies such as EMC, Cadence Design, Conexant, Qualcomm, SAP and PTC. Harbor is organized around emergent and disruptive opportunities in high technology, with a unique focus on the impact of the Pervasive Internet--the concept of the Internet enabling almost every device and system via embedded and networking technologies to unleash new modes of client interaction and service delivery.


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Mark Knebusch, Director of Sales and Marketing

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