Harbor Research Unveils SmartSphere(R) Online Research Services to Deliver "Living Business Intelligence"(TM) for Strategic Decision Makers

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New Services Are Designed to Overcome the Failings of Conventional Research in Volatile High Technology Growth Segments. Free demonstrations of Cluster Computing, Pervasive Internet Suppliers, Smart Buildings, Smart Power, and Wireless Sensor Networks are available at http://harborresearch.com/smartsphere/.

Harbor Research Inc. today announced the availability of SmartSphere(R) online research services for "Living Business Intelligence"(TM). The services are designed to overcome the failings of conventional, static resarch on volatile high technology topics. SmartSphere(R) projects provide a dynamic, interactive, and continually updated knowledge environment for strategic decision makers.

Harbor offers a variety of pre-defined Smartsphere(R) business intelligence projects on technology growth subjects and markets. In addition, Harbor consultants use SmartSphere(R) to create custom research projects defined by their clients. In custom projects, information is directed precisely at customer goals, with maximum relevance and value. Custom projects can be launched and maintained for a quarter, a year, or more--whatever is needed.

Demonstrations of Harbor SmartSphere(R) are freely available at: http://harborresearch.com/smartsphere/. The demonstrations currently include Harbor-defined projects on Cluster Computing (developed in association with Barrington Partners), Pervasive Internet Suppliers, Smart Buildings, Smart Power, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

"SmartSphere(R) is a longstanding dream at Harbor Research," said Glen Allmendinger, Harbor's President. "We've been waiting nearly ten years for Web media to get good enough to let us do this. It's finally here. SmartSphere(R) fuses the brains of the Web, the power of hosted databases, and the beauty of multimedia. Business leaders who have come to doubt the value of static, quickly obsolete research 'reports' on volatile technology subjects will find SmartSphere(R) to be a revelation. It re-defines business research value."

Up-to-the-minute information.

The landscape of high technology changes much too fast for conventional printed research to have significant practical value for strategic decision makers. Harbor's dynamic, online "living research" tracks players and events continually with the talents of experienced researchers and analysts, aided by sophisticated information monitoring and gathering techniques like automated news feeds and Web information services. Every time you log in to a SmartSphere(R) project, new material is available--from fresh event-tracking and Harbor commentary to updated company and market mapping. If a company has forged new alliances or a market has gained new players, you see those things reflected in the interactive maps, charts, data-grids, and textual displays.

Powerful decision-support tools.

The information tracked and collected in a SmartSphere(R) project can be queried and displayed in numerous meaningful ways. Interactive data-visualization tools such as Harbor's innovative SphereMaps(TM) let clients move quickly and intuitively through the world they are tracking, with broad perspective and insights they wouldn't have otherwise. Real-time charts show users the big picture and let them "drill down" to deeper information or another angle of view. Harbor SmartSphere(R) projects also support full searching and custom report-generation via PDF documents created on the fly to the user's specifications.

What Can SmartSphere(R) Track?

In the end, it all comes down to companies and what they're doing. Often, users want to track and compare specific companies directly--for competitor awareness, M&A planning, sales, R&D, or the pursuit of strategic alliances for business development. But companies need not be the only direct focus. SmartSphere(R) projects can also be configured to follow specific market venues, technology segments, or any combination of interests. Specific "trackables" include (but are not limited to):

  • Company Web sites, news, and press releases
  • Online technology discussions and newsgroups
  • Patent filings
  • Investment events
  • Stock performance, insider trading, and other public-company financials
  • Academic research

Can SmartSphere(R) Projects Be Combined with Conventional Consulting?

Yes. In fact, most Harbor consulting engagements now include a SmartSphere(R) project because it provides an excellent support-tool during the consulting process, and offers continuing value afterwards. Clients can retain access to their custom portals for historical reasons even if they elect not to continue ongoing maintenance. All of Harbor's research and consulting offerings are flexible. Clients can choose a pre-defined or custom SmartSphere(R) project as a cost-effective deliverable for a first phase of Harbor engagement, and later add a simple briefing, workshop, or full consulting project to synthesize, focus, or extend the findings of the SmartSphere(R) project itself.

In Summary, Harbor SmartSphere(R) Research Services Are:

  • Laser-focused on client opportunities and decisions.
  • Relevant in a way that "one-size-fits all" research can never be.
  • "Living business intelligence"(TM) that stays timely and doesn't go out of date.
  • Rich with exciting data-visualization tools that make exploration easy, and produce new insights.
  • A clear business research value-proposition.

Visit the SmartSphere(R) Demo or Contact Us for More Information

Free, live demonstrations of SmartSphere(R) are available at http://harborresearch.com/smartsphere/. For more information, call us at 800.595.9368 x24 (U.S. only) or 415.615.9400 x 24), or send email to Mark Knebusch, Director of Sales and Marketing, at [email protected]

"Living Business Intelligence"(TM) and SphereMap(TM) are trademarks, and SmartSphere(R) is a registered trademark, of Harbor Research, Inc.

About Harbor Research, Inc.

Harbor Research Inc. has been providing strategic consulting and research services to leaders in communications, computing, control, and content since 1983. The firm has built extended relationships with larger multi-line companies including AT&T, ABB, General Electric, Danaher, Eaton, Emerson, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Hughes, IBM, Intel, Invensys, Lucent, Motorola, Rockwell, Siemens, and Texas Instruments, as well as focused growth companies such as EMC, Cadence Design, Conexant, Qualcomm, SAP, and PTC. We also continue to work for a broad array of emergent start-ups and pre-IPO technology ventures. We have built relationships with a number of significant Pervasive Internet players, including Questra Corporation, Xsilogy, DataSweep, eDevice, Wireless Innovation, and emWare, to name a few. Harbor is organized around emergent and disruptive opportunities in high technology, with a unique focus on the impact of the Pervasive Internet—the use of the Internet to accomplish global device networking that will revolutionize business by unleashing entirely new modes of system optimization, customer relationships, and service delivery.


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