New Technology Remedy for ADHD Hits the Market

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Safe, fun, effective and under $50, a virtual reality computer program for Kids proven to treat ADHD effectively without drugs.

The prospect of medicating a child is one very basic reason why parents don’t seek medical help for ADD and ADHD early. It’s no secret 4 out of 5 elementary school children with ADHD take some form of medication such as Ritalin, Aderall or Concerta. Sadly, the number of preschoolers diagnosed with ADHD and on medication has tripled in the past decade while many more go untreated.

These children’s brains are just different. They are overactive and their thought processes get well ahead of their body’s response. Often, a task as simple as dressing themselves will go unfinished. The brains inability to focus on or hold sequential thoughts long enough to execute, is a major source of their frustration. The synapses or “sparks” produced by the brains erratic or irregular firing patterns creates not only emotional discomfort but physical exhaustion as well.

Much research has been done on this subject and findings recently released show that, by changing a child’s environment or behavior patterns, their brain functions can also change. By delivering these messages or “cues” consistently and regularly, similar to dosing them with meds at a scheduled time, these cues may work every bit as effectively as prescribed medications.

Any parent with an ADHD child can tell you that every day, regardless of medication, is work. Hard work that is often frustrating for the parent and even more so for the child.

NOW There is REAL help., Inc., an educational and stress management software company located in Beaverton, Oregon has released a computer program just for kids aptly called, Relax – Rejuv for Kids. The program has been extensively tested by creator and developer, Diana Wesley Bay, an energy psychology practitioner working in the Portland area. Ms. Bay has dedicated her practice primarily to children with learning disorders and helping the traumatized .

Several years ago, Ms. Bay developed a rough version of this program on her office computer. In this program, she found a unique and innovative way to help a child learn to focus and relax their mind and body while synchronizing the left brain - right brain and body rhythms. The program involves 16 integrated modalities including EFT, NLP, Sonic Entrainment and TAPpoint therapy, yet the binding element in this program is the FocusFractal imagery. Ms. Bay creates these magnificent and powerful images on her computer through the use of math equations, sequencing numbers, color and her artistic imagination.

Ms. Bay teamed up with Jennifer Beck, a pediatric nutritionist, financier and mother of 6, a little more than 3 years ago when Jennifer needed reading help for her fourth grade daughter. She was referred to Diana and after her daughter experienced astonishing results after two sessions, she was inspired to help Diana make this program available to every parent, everywhere. These two highly talented and incredible women formed,, Inc.

Children have responded extremely well to the RR for Kids program because it’s so simple to use and they love the colorful images and the interactive zones.

When a child first begins working in Zone One, he or she is asked to think about what may be bothering them or what is stressing them out. While they think about this problem, they run the mouse cursor through the “Puddle” making figure eights, splashes, circles or ripples across the surface of the image. They watch the image as it disorganizes, and then reorganizes into a still image. This is the moment when they begin to experience a calming effect children refer to as their "Calm Power". At this point, they are ready to experience Zone Two.

Zone Two is the Breathing Zone. In this Zone they are guided to first, breathe in a solution for their problem and then breathe out their frustration with the problem. Correct breathing technique is essential to oxygenating the brain and body. This has a purifying and cleansing effect on the total system. As a result the child, at this point, is relaxed in both mind and body and capable of singular focus.

The final section, Zone 3, allows them to release or let go of their frustration or problem totally and helps restore them to a natural balance.

Sounds to easy? Fact is, it does sound just a bit to easy … that is until you try it. For those that don’t suffer with ADD or ADHD, the task of making those lazy eights or ripples takes a good deal of hand eye coordination and the breathing exercises make Lamaze classes look like a piece of cake. But, kids love the program, respond well to it, faithfully make it a part of their day and as a result, are able to recall their ”Calm Power” and rebalance themselves anytime, anywhere.

Relax – Rejuv for Kids comes with a set of detailed instructions for kids who can read and use the program on their own. Also included is a detailed set of instructions for the Parent, Teacher or Coach.

This program comes out of the box ready to use and without the need for remapping. Some programs costing between $10,000 to $40,000 are out of reach for many therapists and other programs offered to the individual consumer find themselves again expensive and needing modifications. Relax-Rejuv costs under $70 for the CD version and under $50 for the downloadable version. Programs for the Professional Therapists run under $140.

The Relax – Rejuv series also offers a program for the sports enthusiasts to aid in increasing performance levels and reducing the risk of injury, for the business professional to help reduce stress levels and increase focus, and a terrific program for everyone to help deal with the daily grind.

Diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, performance anxiety and even bothersome memories has reached epidemic proportions. Treatment for ADD and ADHD often result in prescribed class II narcotics.

There is help … an all natural solution for a high stress disorder that challenges its sufferers every waking second. Relax – Rejuv for Kids isn’t a cure for the disorder but offers an opportunity to learn coping skills they’ll use for the rest of their life.

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