Hollywood’s Hottest Gay and Lesbian Celebrities Create Cultural Demand for Gaydar Expertise

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Interactive Photo Rating Website Tests PublicÂ?s Ability to Determine Whether a Person is Gay or Straight.

GotGaydar.com is the first photo-generated website that allows visitors to test their skills to see if they have what it takes to correctly label someone “straight” or “gay.” With the upward-spiraling success of shows like Will and Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and the Ellen talk show, viewers are increasingly curious about how their gaydar stacks up against others.

So just what is gaydar? It’s a person’s inherent ability to determine if another person is gay or straight. No more dodging the subject or feeling too embarrassed to ask – this site allows you to hone your gaydar until you instinctively know for sure which team Ricky Martin and Jodie Foster play on.

Part of the fun is figuring out if some of Hollywood’s favorite stars are secretly living their life as a heterosexual, when they’re really and truly gay. The site boasts hundreds of photos to vote on – from regular men and women who post their pictures with their free membership – to A and B list celebrities the public just can’t wait to give their opinion about.

Showtime’s new hit show, The L Word, starring Jennifer Beals, is acclaimed as the new Sex and the City – but this time around it’s a different city with lesbian relationships. Recently on the show, the friends were debating the sexuality of a chef, and using their gaydar to figure out if she was gay or straight.

Since that single episode, GotGaydar.com has been flooded with hits to their site from fans of the show who are eager to see if their skills match up to the cast of characters on The L Word. But this site isn’t for members of the gay community alone.

Many of the members are heterosexuals who have just as much fun testing their instincts and seeing what the general public has to say about their pictures that are posted on the site. It’s human curiosity to want to know what others think of us – and this site allows you to find out – and even receive messages from others who want to get to know you better.

Got Gaydar has been an instant success in the online world where audiences want to have an interactive experience that is pure fun and delivers highly anticipated opinions about everyone based on looks alone.

For more information on how to see if you have what it takes to know straight from gay, visit http://www.GotGaydar.com. There is no membership fee. While you’re there, check out the rich source of links to other websites that directly affect the Gay and Lesbian community.

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