New Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Touted as Miraculous Sinus Remedy

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There's a miraculous all natural nasal spray being praised by sinus and headache sufferers throughout the world. The Sinus Buster is the world's first nasal spray made with (capsaicin), natural hot pepper extract. This unique formula is gaining quite a reputation in the medical community, and many doctors believe this could be a true sinus breakthrough.

When the Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal spray first hit the market, many sceptics dismissed it as just another natural remedy gimmick. Yet within a few months, this unique nasal spray has built an incredible reputation as a true breakthrough for relieving chronic sinus conditions and headaches. In fact, those in the medical community who once doubted The Sinus Buster's effectiveness are now begging for samples to test on their patients.

"We've had hundreds of requests for samples from practicing physicians and specialists all over the world. And we've also had orders from alot of prominent medical facilities and even big pharmaceutical companies. We've sent Sinus Buster sprays to places like The Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, and the list goes on and on. Some of them want to distribute The Sinus Buster, and some probably want to steal our secret. But either way, we're just happy the medical community is catching on, and they know this stuff is the real deal," says Bob Haines, Director Of Marketing for SiCap Industries, makers of The Sinus Buster.

If clinical studies are any proof, The Sinus Buster could be the real deal. Many clinical trials using capsaicin to treat chronic headaches and sinus problems have shown this natural hot pepper extract to be extremely effective when applied through intranasal methods. Thus far, doctors have only applied capsaicin using a cotton swab inside the nasal cavity. This method proved to be very effective, but it was also very painful with burning sensations lasting up to an hour.

"Where the clinical trials had it wrong was how they applied the capsaicin. They were using super concentrated capsicum and rubbing it into the back of the nasal passages. It's kind of like eating the hottest hot peppers and not drinking any water. You feel the burn for a long time. That's why so many doctors and scientists are interested in our spray. The Sinus Buster delivers a concentrated dose of capsaicin in a way that doesn't have a long lasting burn. When you sniff our spray, you feel a 3 second bite that instantly clears your sinus congestion and headaches, but there is no lasting burn. You feel an exhilarating 3 second bite, and then all you sense is the fragrance of eucalyptus with faint pepper overtones. It's incredible stuff...the best damn nasal spray ever invented. If I do say so myself," boasts Wayne Perry, inventor of The Sinus Buster formula.

The Sinus Buster does pack quite a punch when you first use it, but you quickly get used to the bite, and most users look forward to that burst of energy the spray provides. In fact, The Sinus Buster is also becoming very popular with the "workout crowd" at gyms all over America. Runners say it not only gives them a burst of energy, but it also clears out their sinuses making them breathe easier during long distance runs.

"I've been using the spray about 3 months now and it really helps to get my blood pumping before a run. The best thing is how it clears out my nose so I can breath alot easier when I'm running. I'm covering more miles, and I'm doing it faster and I know the Sinus Buster is making a difference," says Mike Diller of Madison, Wisconsin.

"The Sinus Buster depletes the Substance P that causes swelling and pain in the sinuses. Basically, Substance P is a natural chemical released by our bodies, and capsaicin has been clinically proven to get rid of the Substance P on contact. As far as the burst of energy it gives you. Well that's a side benefit from our formula. Capsaicin is clinically proven to cause the human body to release natural endorphins. So when you snort our spray, you really get a wake up call," adds Wayne Perry.

In writing this article, I decided to try a squirt of The Sinus Buster myself. That innocent looking little bottle packs one hell of a punch, and I liked it. I liked it alot! The funny thing is ever since I started using it, my dust allergies have definitely diminished. One shot in morning, and I'm good to go.

As far as other Sinus Buster users are concerned, the people at SiCap Industries provided me with hundreds of testimonials and contact numbers for people who love their Sinus Buster spray, and most of them were more than happy to praise this strange new sinus remedy.

"I really do love it. My boyfriend got me to try it because I constantly have sinus headaches. I've had them for years. My doctor says it's allergies, and I've been on all kinds of medicine, but nothing ever made my breathing feel normal. Since I started using sinus buster, I breathe normal on a daily basis. My headaches are mostly gone, and when one starts to come, an extra shot of the sinus buster keeps it away. I haven't used any Ibuprofen for a month now, and I used to need it everyday for years. This spray has changed my life really," says 29 year old Jess Spanner, of upstate New York.

The Sinus Buster nasal spray is also very popular with American troops in Iraq. SiCap gets hundreds of emails from soldiers who need the spray to fight off the symptoms caused by the dry dusty air.

"We've sold so many to soldiers and their relatives who want to send them care packages that we've started offering a special deal for the troops on our website Starting this month, any order that's going to a verifiable United States military know APOs and bases anywhere in the world, all get free shipping. We have an icon on our homepage for military orders. We wish we could give them free to the troops, but we figured the least we could do is offer them free shipping. We also sell wholesale orders for groups of soldiers who pool their money together. They buy a hundred or so, and we give it to them for nearly half price. Like I said, it's the least we can do," says SiCap's Bob Haines.

It seems The Sinus Buster is blasting away the competition - literally! Information regarding The Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray can be found on the company website at: (

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