How the Dateless Stole Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day celebrates the love and compassion that many find in their personal relationships with others, but for the millions of single Americans, this date only serves to over emphasize their status in society – bringing onsets of depression, loneliness, and thoughts of suicide. One man is striving to change all of this by bringing a class action lawsuit against the companies whose insistent reference to this holiday only adds to the hostile environment single people feel every February 14th. You can access his website at

It happens every year. It starts with a little reminder here, and a simple greeting card there. Eventually it transpires into this massive overindulgence of pink and red; covering every store one goes in, and serving as a constant reminder of one’s marital status. February 14th comes only once a year, but for the 100.7 Million single Americans, it doesn’t bring feelings of warmth and love, but loneliness, despair, and isolation.

For the better part of the year, a single person can live out their lives, in search of someone special or being happy being single; however, come February 14th, they are inundated with a barrage of advertisements, store decorations, and overall tastelessly gaudy reminders that they are in a small minority of the population. This brings up feelings of loneliness, which can turn into feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide.

It is no wonder that February 14th marks the day that one can find more marriage proposals, more birth conceptions, and more attempts at suicide then any other day of the year combined. It is for this reason that the founder and author of Imdateless.Com is campaigning to remove this ridiculous holiday from the public’s general presence.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if only a small section of the store were made out in such a manner; where one could do their Valentine’s Day shopping. The problem is that around this time of year, no matter where you turn, all you see is Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. Being single, this only reminds me, more and more, of my single status. It’s not bad enough that I’m single, I have to be reminded about it everywhere I go” says the founder.

“I completely understand people’s desire to give that special someone something unique for this occasion – seeing as it has been a tradition in America for some time now. The problem is, that not everyone shares in this feeling of hormone driven happiness; in fact this day only brings about anxiety and stress to a good percentage of the population. These are not only discriminatory business practices, they are tantamount to harassment, creating a nationwide ‘hostile environment’ against single people sensitive to their single status.”

In difference to the feelings of single people everywhere, Imdateless.Com is planning to launch a class action lawsuit against retailers who promote the Valentine’s Day holiday in grievous manners that prevent single people from shopping there without being reminded about their single status.

Currently, Imdateless.Com is in search of legal counsel on the matter and is taking offers on legal representation.

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