Butchered Dogs and Cats For Sale

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Can you come up with ways to best torture a dog? If so, you can find a career in the lucrative but illegal business of selling dog meat in South Korea.

Imagine watching a cat have it's legs broken while it screams in pain. Why? So that the operator of a cat wine business can force the cat into a pressure cooker while it is alive without being scratched. Imagine seeing a dog slowly electrocuted, while it is being hung by the neck and also beaten. Why? Because South Koreans believe that this act causes the meat to be better for sexual powers of those who consume it.

It is illegal to kill, eat, or butcher dogs and cats in South Korea. Animal abuse is also illegal. Yet, it goes on in thousands of private homes and public markets all over South Korea. Not only do people eat dog but they house dogs unsanitarily, neglect them and then torture them cruelly, saying it helps sexual stamina.

Contrary to what dog meat vendors say, it is NOT cultural. The practice of eating dog originated around the time of the Korean War (1950-1953) when starving refugees needed extra food. Koreans are traditionally Buddhist and many of their dishes include rice, fish, vegetables, and chicken. However, we do not know where the idea of deliberate torture to better the meat, came from.

Millions of dogs and cats are deliberately tortured and then killed. Some "treatment" can take up to an hour. The victim is hung by the neck from a tree and then beaten with bats. This is supposed to tenderize the meat while also releasing adrenalin into the meat to make it tastier. However, adrenalin actually makes the meat tougher and more tasteless. Some dogs are blowtorched while still alive. They cannot cry, because they cannot breathe, strangling to death from a tree, on top of the horrible pain. Cats are boiled alive. They are thrown into cauldrons, to make "cat wine." The cruel people actaully fish them out before they are dead, and then throw them back in, prolonging the pain.

Many of the pets we videotaped were actually stolen from people's homes and backyards! This is devastating to the millions of Koreans who have dogs as pets. Dog traders will steal your cat or dog from you in a second in South Korea if it is left alone. This is because this trade is lucrative. Some markets in South Korea sell up to 1,000 dogs per day during the so-called dog days of summer. It is so lucrative, that people are starting dog farms out of their own homes. In our own neighborhood, we see dog farms springing up like weeds. The dog meat merchants make a lot of money. Most dogs cost around $250.00 USD per dog.

How the heck are the selling that many dogs at that high of a price? Dog meat dealers tell customers that dog meat helps them perform better sexually. They justify the beatings by saying that it makes the meat better. In South Korea, there is extreme pressure to marry and have children, on both men and women. Men are nothing if they can't perform sexually. And so they believe this myth.

The dog and cat markets are large areas covering several blocks in major city areas. Dogs are housed in cramped, hot pens, many watch other dogs die in front of them, while others have dead dogs piled on top of their cages. Blood is washed away with only water. It runs down the streets, into the sewer systems. The meat is out in the open, and dogs are surrounded by flies. The stench from feces, urine and vomit is stifling, even in the winter. The dog meat traders inject the meat with steroids. Yet no one, including the police, are doing anything about this while SARS, Bird Flu, and other diseases have been in the Asian media circuit recently. Moreover, many US Army posts are located close to these illegal operations thereby posing a serious health risk to American personnel.

Many rapists, serial killers and murderers have a history of deliberate and cruel animal abuse. In South Korea this is a daily practice. The unsanitary conditions, extreme suffering of animals in those meat markets, and the public outrage should be enough to close down these operations, yet the South Korean Government is now going to try and legalize this at the same time they also claim it is a hard to find practice and rare situation.

We are not activists or vegetarians. We are ex-pats who have seen this shocking and unacceptable behavior and we are hoping someone else will cover this story because it needs to be made public. We have adopted two cats from the only animal shelter in South Korea located in Daegu. Most cats in South Korea end up in pressure cookers because most Koreans don't like cats as they think cats are evil and carry disease. That does not seem to stop them from drinking cat wine though.

Although there are animal abuses around the world and the conditions of many slaughtering houses are terrible, nothing seems to beat this inhumane and insane behavior in South Korea. Osama Bin Laden could take a backseat to these animal abusers and their terroristic tactics. What kind of a person sits around and thinks up ways to torture a cat or dog? What kind of person would actually believe the lies of a dog meat dealer who claims that the more pain a dog suffers before death, the better it is for their sexual virility and stamina?

Please visit our Web site to see for yourself. We will continue to try and stop this but we need your help. Media pressure and exposure can be a great tool and so can massive boycotting of any and all South Korean products. Eventually someone will get the message. It's kind of like a bad intersection. If enough people die, someone eventually figures out that they need a traffic light. How much more do you need to see?


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