Woman Re-Gains Her Sense of Smell After Using Hot Pepper Nasal Spray

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A California woman who lost her sense of smell more than a decade ago is able to smell once again thanks to an alternative nasal spray made from a combination of hot pepper extracts. Many loyal users claim this all natural nasal spray blocks allergies, relieves chronic sinus problems, and stops headaches almost instantly.

These days our busy lives make it tough to stop and smell the roses, but just imagine if you could never smell those roses even if you had the time. That's the reality for more than 2 million Americans who have a condition known as "Anosmia".

Anosmia sufferers either partially, or completely lose their sense of smell. For a very few people it's a congenital disorder starting at birth, but for most it's due to a variety of sinus ailments. Chronic sinus conditions such as rhinitis, sinusitis, and even allergies can all lead to anosmia.

That's exactly what happened to Amelia Anderson of Chula Vista, California. A chronic sinus sufferer for most of her adult life, Amelia completely lost her sense of smell more than a decade ago. Over the years she eventually got use to not being able to smell, but she always missed the fragrances of the environment around her. Now after years of suffering, Amelia can once again stop to smell the roses thanks to an innovative new nasal spray made with "capsaicin", a natural hot pepper extract.

"I haven’t been able to smell anything for about 10 years. We live by the ocean and I could never smell the air around me. You know that smell the ocean has. I always missed that. I've taken all kinds of medications for my sinus problems over the years. I've been on all kinds of over the counter medicines and even prescriptions from my doctor, but nothing ever worked until I used that spray. Now I can smell everything," Anderson said.

She's referring to "The Sinus Buster", the world's first capsaicin based nasal spray. Capsaicin is the natural chemical that puts the "Hot" in hot peppers, and it's been clinically proven to relieve many sinus conditions including rhinitis. Capsaicin is also touted as one of the best headache remedies ever discovered -- relieving migraines, cluster headaches, and even hang-overs. And according to Amelia Anderson, The Sinus Buster may also help some Anosmia sufferers re-gain their sense of smell.

"When my husband ordered the sinus buster over the internet I was skeptical. But I said okay I’ll give it a try. As soon as we got it I used it that night and the next day I noticed I could smell certain odors. I couldn't believe it. The first thing I smelled was my daughter coming home after a night of partying, and I could smell cigarette smoke all over her. I had to bring her coat out to the garage because the smoke odor was so strong. Then my daughter told me that’s how she always smells after going out, but I never smelled the smoke before," Anderson added.

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