Spring Break Countdown – Yogurt to the Rescue: Safety Tips for Spring Break Travel

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Yogurt can save your trip. With Spring Break just around the corner, you can take a few precautions and have the time of your life. Read these tips and learn how to have fun and be safe while traveling, stay out of jail and come back in one piece. CollegeSafe.com has put together a free comprehensive guide to student travel available by download at http://www.CollegeSafe.com/travel . Come back with stories of the fantastic experiences you had and not with travel horror stories.

If you want to avoid touring all the bathrooms during Spring Break, then eat yogurt every day for a week before you leave. The cultures and enzymes will strengthen the digestive system and helps avoid the dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge. Rushing to the Porta-Potty bathroom is not fun. This is just one of the many tips in the free Guide to Student Travel by the safety experts at http://www.CollegeSafe.com .

Here are some more tips for Spring Breakers:

•One of the most obvious signs people are away is the build up of mail and newspapers outside. Have the post office and newspaper stop delivery, or get it picked up regularly.

•Crime increases before and during vacation times. Protect anything of value that can be pawned or sold.

•If you are taking a road trip, check out all belts, hoses, fluid levels, spare tire and tires on the car.

•Pack tools, a cellular phone, a first aid kit, a flashlight, an AAA card, fire extinguisher, water and snacks just in case the car breaks down.

•Keep the car doors locked to prevent someone jumping in to hijack the car or worse, to attack.

•Remember to bring your health insurance card and allergy bracelets.

•Let your family and trusted friends know when you are leaving, when you’ll get back and how you are traveling.

•If you are traveling by bus, rail or air, don’t bring magazines with your name and address. Tear off your address label. You do not want people who know that you are away from home to know where you live.

•Don't have your name and address highly visible on your luggage for the same reason.

•Be aware of pickpockets who prey on people in crowds. They get close and bump into you without you noticing. Pickpockets also work in groups. One will distract while the other slips away with your goodies.

•In public bathrooms, do not hang your purse on the hook on the back of the partition door. When you put the big paper doughnut over the toilet seat, a thief can reach over the door to take your purse. They watch your foot position and wait until they see you turn away. By the time you notice, you are literally caught with your pants down.

•If you stop at a restaurant, bar or café and set your bag down, put your foot through the strap. That way it won't be taken without you knowing. Also, you'll remember to take it with you when you trip over it as you leave.

For more tips on how to have the perfect vacation, download your free comprehensive Guide to Student Travel at http://www.CollegeSafe.com/travel . Take precautions and you can have a vacation full of happy memories. These tips are excerpts from the new e-book “The College Safety Guide” published by http://www.CollegeSafe.com, a division of http://www.MainStreetSafety.com , your online source for the latest in campus safety news, advice and cutting edge products.


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