ThoughtOffice™ Reveals Instruments of Mass Instruction: Killer App, IdeaBrowser, Speeds Problem Solving, Produces Explosive Ideas

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ThoughtOffice's core creativity application, in development since 2005, is a very deep but very easy to use software program that's been proven to effectively tap both short and long-term memory to help create breakthroughs using "associative thinking", and avoid ideas that might simply bomb.

Defusing bombs, whether on stage performing a joke or in the trenches of a legal debate, requires unique perspectives, and a creative mindset. The new ThoughtOffice Creativity Software solution from ThoughtOffice Corporation helps anyone be more creative faster and longer than ever before. You can see the new products at the ThoughtOffice Programs page.

ThoughtOffice is a seemingly simple program with a complex, web-enabled database under the hood. On startup, it opens to a Session Viewer, where you load a Brainstorming Session, and begin "playing" with the IdeaBrowser interface: using words you type into the system, you find definitions, associations, hypernyms, synonyms and images. By simply typing a word or phrase, the unique, nearly artificial-intelligence of the program spits out tens to hundreds of associations, all keyed off of your initial prompt. The single word "red" might reveal a stop sign, Ferrari, fire hydrant or flame... any of over 1000 associations that come from that single reference. You might also receive over 100 related images from the 600,000+ image database.

"Truly great ideas are created through amalgams of thoughts and associations. If we can prompt you to look at your world through Alice's looking glass, you just might find your solution isn't under the toadstool… it's sitting on top of it" says Mark Alan Effinger, Chief Evangelist for the ThoughtOffice program. "When it comes to brainstorming and problem solving, you can't put 5 guys in a room, all with similar backgrounds and influences, and expect significant breakthroughs. So we give you 250 of the brightest, most diverse and influential minds we could find, and get you to have a dialogue with them whenever the mood strikes. And the program never comes back with 'that's a lousy idea'. ThoughtOffice is idea-agnostic."

If word associations are the answers, what about the questions? ThoughtOffice responds with eXpertTopic Modules - professionally crafted modules of 200 to 2000 questions, comments, web links and images per module, sequentially grouped and precisely developed to characterize and surround the problem.

"Asking the right question is key to the whole brainstorming, problem-solving process" adds Mr. Effinger, currently managing operations and product development for the company. "If you can ask the right questions, like an eXpertSystem would, the answers will flow from both your short and long-term memory. You'll surround the problem, look at it from every angle, and use every one of your senses - it's still amazing to me how this process reduces major problems into very crisply defined steps, with enlightening answers. Sometimes hundreds of answers. Take your pick."

"I can't overemphasize the fact that ThoughtOffice cannot replace the human mind," comments Mr. Effinger. "It's only a fraction of the hundreds of minds that helped develop the program. But if we only use 10% of our minds individually, then doesn't getting a dialogue with these many additional experts, even through our software, beat the opinion of the guy in the neighboring cube? We think so".

ThoughtOffice and eXpertTopic modules are currently in version 1.5.0, and are now available for Windows and Macintosh computers. The program comes in 7 pre-configured and discounted bundles, as well as ala carte, with the 6,800,000 word association engine, the 600,000+ image database and any combination of 12+ eXpertTopic modules. Corporate, distributor/dealer and educational discounts are available.

"We're nearing the finish line with our newest release for OSX and XP, written to leverage the power of our mass of hyper-creative developers and content contributors. These intellectual and creative leaders have helped us develop many new eXpertTopic modules" comments Mr. Effinger. "The new ThoughtOffice products take the power of IdeaFisher and magnify it with a more elegant interface, dramatically improved eXpertTopic technology, plus web and Word export, for nearly real-time collaboration between consultants, coaches and their clients. It's the most dramatic improvement to the IdeaFisher brainstorming tools in nearly a decade".

The company can be reached at, by calling 360-609-9272, or e-mailing the company. Prices range from $49 to $499 for modules and complete systems.

ThoughtOffice is an ExitPath company. ExitPath Corporation is a Portland, Oregon consultancy and product developer focused on accelerating the growth of early-stage companies through increased revenue generation and reducing time-to-market of products and services. The company operates primarily within Portland, Oregon and the TechCoast region (Santa Barbara to San Diego), with additional offices in Portland, Oregon. The company can be reached online at


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