Ditch Political Correctness

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It's not politically correct to question big oil companies, car manufacturers and do-nothing politicians that are content with the status quo when it comes to our energy policies. Patriotic Americans with brains and opinions need to do otherwise and protest. Replace "political correctness" with "patriotic correctness."

BOCA RATON, FL March 1, 2004 -- America has its own energy reserves – ethanol, wind, solar and biomass, to name a few. And while big oil companies, car manufacturers and do-nothing politicians appear content with the status quo, patriotic Americas need to do otherwise and protest.

What’s this have to do with the Boston Tea party? The age-old remedy of fighting back is no longer in style. And we are suffering as a result.

FOIL – the Foreign Oil Independence League and catalyst for integrity and creativity in modern American thinking – feels "political correctness" - (a/k/a letting politicians do as they wish) should be stuck in a bottle and pitched into the ocean.

Instead, citizens need to be “Patriotically Correct.” And they need to adopt that positive and creative stance right now.

The Boston Tea Party was a creative act on the part of America’s founding patriots. That one act – still celebrated more than 200 years later -- moved a nation along the road to independence from Britain.

The same no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners attitude that worked in the 18th century is desperately needed again.

FOIL has captured the likeness, spirit and passion of the Boston Tea Party on its new “Patriotically Correct” brand logo and Uncle Sam static cling decal.

Log onto the FOIL Web site – http://www.joinfoil.org -- and see what good old-fashioned capitalists can do to help America.

FOIL wants citizens to adopt the spirit of America’s founding fathers who committed an unthinkable act on the shores of Boston Harbor two centuries ago.

They shook their fist in the face of repressive government. They took the phrase, “Taxation Without Representation,” and turned it into a firestorm of protest. And they didn’t just whine, they put their backs into it, tossing tea – a precious commodity to the ruling British tyrants – into those dark, cold waters.

Americans have to recommit to the same kind of fight. We have to shake our fist in the face of terrorists intent on holding America hostage for their oil. We have to show them that their oil means nothing to use – and we would be better off without it.

Use F.O.I.L. “Get Off Your Gas” Uncle Sam decals to help FOIL to go courageously forward.

Your F.O.I.L. static cling decals show that you have directly financed oil independence and inspire others to see http://www.joinfoil.org and join the crusade for oil independence.

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