Oprah Expert Discovers Breakthrough Sinus & Headache Remedy

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An upstate New York man credits Oprah Winfrey with helping him find a cure for chronic sinus headaches. After appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, Wayne Perry accidentally discovered an all natural remedy to combat his terrible allergy and headache symptoms.

During the mid 1990s, Wayne Perry was a nationally recognized self defense expert who was a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Part of Wayne’s “claim to fame” was his willingness to be sprayed with real self defense pepper sprays for television demonstrations to promote the use of non-lethal weapons. Wayne actually taught Oprah Winfrey how to use pepper spray on her show.

Perry had suffered from chronic headaches and sinus allergies for nearly twenty years, and as his self defense career began taking off, his headaches began getting worse. By the time Wayne made his last appearance on Oprah, his headaches were coming nearly 5 days a week.

“I was in Chicago for an Oprah appearance, and I flew in the night before. They tape several shows a day, and we were scheduled for the first taping. So I had a 6:30 AM pick-up outside the hotel the next morning. Wouldn’t you know – I started getting cluster headache attacks all that night, and I literally didn’t get any sleep. Here I had to go on one of the biggest tv shows in the world with no sleep. All because of those damned headaches. So anyway, during the show I had to teach Oprah how to use a self defense pepper spray. Even though I was feeling totally crappy, the show went great. I got tons of calls from tv shows wanting me to do spray demonstrations because they saw that Oprah thing. My career really took off, but my headaches were getting worse and so was my constant sinus congestion. Traveling was unbearable,” says Perry.

Wayne had been to various doctors, and he was on lots of medications including Imitrex and Sansert. Between the drugs and self described "disgusting" salt water nasal douches, Perry found only partial relief for his chronic condition which was then diagnosed as cluster headaches with allergies. By 1995, Perry’s condition began to severely effect his self defense career.

“I knew I had to find a cure for my headaches because they were ruining my life. I was traveling all over the country performing for audiences and doing lots of tv and radio thanks to my Oprah appearances. In fact, I was even working for the mace company promoting their line of self defense pepper sprays, and I was making great money, but the traveling was killing me. Every time I got on an airplane, I’d end up with a cluster headache, and I had one sided nasal congestion that I knew was connected to the headaches. I could only breathe out of one side of my nose, and now my headaches weren’t just coming at night……they were hitting me during the day when I had to work. I kept searching for answers from doctors, but the answer just wasn't there,” Perry explains.

Then an incredible thing happened – the kind of “dumb luck” that usually only happens in the movies. Thanks to his appearance with the pepper sprays on Oprah, Perry was asked to do a "live" spray demonstraton for a local television news program in Albany, New York. It was during that demonstration that Perry discovered the cure for his headaches completely by accident. Even more incredible was the fact that this medical breakthrough had been under his nose the entire time.

Perry had agreed to be sprayed by real self defense pepper spray for the evening newscast, but only minutes before he was to perform the “live” demonstration outside the studio, Wayne got one of his terrible cluster headaches. Similar to a migraine, Perry’s cluster headaches would send him collapsing on the floor in horrific pain.

With only seconds remaining before the demonstration, Wayne was determined to go on with the show. So as agreed, he let the reporter spray him with the police style pepper spray. The effects were of course devastating, but the 30 something self defense instructor knew exactly what to expect.

Wayne had been sprayed with the real stuff many times before for demonstration purposes, but this was the first time he had been sprayed while having a headache. As expected, when the spray hit him in the face, Perry doubled over from the intense pepper cloud, but this time he felt something he had never felt before. The pepper made his headache disappear instantly.

“I was shocked. Here I couldn't even open my eyes, and I'm trying to fight the effects of the spray….my face is burning like hell, and yet I realized I felt better than I had in weeks. My headache was gone. After about 20 minutes of flushing my face with cold water, I knew my headache wasn’t coming back and I could breathe normally for the first time in about a month. From being sprayed before, I knew the pepper always opened up your sinuses, but I had never been hit during a sinus attack so I didn’t understand the potential until that day. I knew the secret was in the active ingredient of the pepper spray. Simple hot pepper extract….totally all natural stuff. After that I was hell bent on finding a way to formulate this hot pepper extract in a way that people could tolerate, and it took a few years, but I did it,” Perry boasts.

According to all the press he’s been getting, Wayne Perry certainly did do it. After consulting with many doctors, and researching clinical trials using pepper extract, Perry came up with the world's first all natural nasal spray made with hot pepper extract. It’s called “The Sinus Buster”, and it’s fast becoming the most popular sinus, headache, and allergy reliever ever invented. After selling his spray locally for a couple years, Perry hooked up with SiCap Industries, a manufacturer that specializes in pepper based natural health supplements.

The active ingredient in hot pepper extract is Capsaicin, the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in the peppers. Perry’s secret formula combines two special varieties of hot peppers creating an extract that contains unique properties.

“I spent several years combining different pepper extracts together to find the combination that works best. Even though all pepper extract is in the form of Oleoresin Capsicum, each has its’ own heat factor and other capsicanoids based on the plant variety it comes from. I found that by combining two specific varieties of resins, my formula was able to relieve a whole host of sinus and headache symptoms using an extremely low dose of capsaicin. I also found that by mixing under certain controlled temperature conditions, I was able produce a formula that not only relieves symptoms, but actually soothes and moistens the nasal passages at the same time. This is the most powerful, and yet the most safe nasal spray ever,” Perry exclaims.

Since launching his Sinus Buster with the backing of SiCap, Perry’s unique hot pepper nasal spray is now selling all over the world. There are even websites in Dutch and German. Moreover, there are hundreds of doctors, journalists, and customers who swear the Sinus Buster is the “real deal”.

Recently, an article in The Detroit News sparked hundreds of Michigan residents scrambling for the Sinus Buster, and the press attention has barely just begun. In fact during the next two months, The Sinus Buster will appear in The Saturday Evening Post, Ms. Fitness Magazine, on NBC News, and in several magazines in Europe.

“We get hundreds of emails and calls every week from people who say this spray has changed their lives. There are 70 million chronic sinus & allergy sufferers in the U.S. alone, and these people are on all kinds of medicines – prescription and OTC, but most of them still can’t find any real relief. Besides, the headache medicines cause rebound effects, and the nasal steroid sprays cause nosebleeds and liver damage. We have the first all natural nasal spray that can be used as needed without any side effects whatsoever. The sinus buster will stop a headache in seconds, and it blocks allergy triggers like a champ. It’s incredible stuff, and we were lucky to join forces with Wayne. This is a one of a kind product that will soon be a household name, and to think this medical miracle was discovered by accident,” says Bob Haines, Director of Marketing for SiCap Industries.

Haines also claims SiCap engineers are working on several “spin off “ products using Perry’s special hot pepper extract. The company says they’re about to release the first liquid capsaicin supplement designed to promote circulatory blood flow, and prevent blood clots that can lead to stroke and heart disease.

“The way this product is working for people, we expect to become the biggest natural pharmaceutical company in the world. We also plan on launching both mild and extra strength versions of the sinus buster, and we’ve already started taking orders for the coming allergy season from customers who don’t want to run out of their sinus buster. Before you know it, Wayne will be back on Oprah, but this time he won’t be talking self defense, he’ll be talking about the sinus buster,” says Rob Sasso, Director of Media for SiCap Industries.

To learn more about the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, The Sinus Buster, go to (http://www.sinusbuster.com). There are also links to clinical trials using capsaicin, and testimonials from Sinus Buster users who’ve witnessed incredible results using intranasal capsaicin to fight chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, allergy, and headache symptoms. Samples and information packets are also available for "verified" media representatives and medical professionals interested in evaluating The Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal spray.


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