Recent Popularity Increases in Duane Cash and Phet Cash Paintings May Bring "Rock-Star" Status of American Fine Art Couple

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Recent Popularity Increases in Duane Cash and Phet Cash Paintings May Bring "Rock-Star" Status of American Fine Art Couple. Cash Art Studio Website Experiencing Record Number Visits and Increased Sales Over Past Week.

After a recent article, Cash Art Studio has seen an explosion of visits over the past week to from patrons and collectors wishing to own a painting from America's Art Couple, Duane Cash and Phet Cash. Their website jumped from over 4,000 visitors to over 12,000 in the course of one week.

Art collectors have flooded some auctions with bids that resemble a shark feeding frenzy. "It has been a great week for art," says Duane Cash of Cash Art Studio. "I will search deep into my soul to bring out some of today's great masterpieces."

Duane Cash's diverse subject matters and varied style have made some of his fine oil and acrylic paintings a desirable asset to home, busienesses, and galleries. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Duane Cash paints paintings exploring deep religious statements and flowing colors. Also sharing the left-handedness in painting, writing, and eating, like the old Renaissance master, Duane Cash is an inventor himself of what is now known as the Duane Cash Cube Collection, now a part of the Rubik's puzzle collectible line-up on the Rubik's (http://www.rubik' website. The collection of 6 Rubik's puzzles includes items like the Rubik's Triamese Cube, the Rubik's Fusion Cube, and the Rubik's 5x3 Cube, all of which have attained "Sold Out" status much of their time selling online.

Duane Cash was also featured in the April 2004 issue of GAMES Magazine on pg. 4, which featured and article about Duane Cash's inventions in the Duane Cash Cube Collection and photos of several of the puzzles. Along with puzzles, riddles, Duane Cash also enjoys chess, science and astronomy, computers and technology, and also good movies. "I saw the 'Passion of Christ' when it came out," says Duane Cash "And I feel it is the most compelling and stirring movies of our time."

Cash Art Studio has seen a sudden increase in search engine searches for "Duane Cash Art Paintings" and "Phet Cash Art Paintings" in recent days. Some have made searches for individual Duane Cash religious famed paintings such as "Dawn Of Light" and "God's Universe." A run on Duane Cash's vibrant "Friends and Family" and "Mystical" series paintings has also been increasing.

Phet Cash, whose unique poppies acrylic paintings and bright abstract figure paintings have stirred the hearts of art collectors nationwide. "Phet Cash's paintings flow with color," says one surveyor of Phet's works. Phet Cash's paintings are gaining popularity at an even rate with her husband's in their ebay store at

Duane Cash plans to create some important works that carry on the traditions and subjects of the old masters like Van Gogh, Monet, and Da Vinci. Duane and Phet Cash, like all great masters before, are continuing the visual tradition of art history.

For art collectors, 2004 may be a spectacular year for the art world the with prolific nature of Duane Cash and Phet Cash, who work out of their Albuquerque studio. The couple has one son, Brandon Cash, whose own unique abstract painting created when he was 2 years old, sold to a couple in California. Art seems to be in the blood of this New Mexico family.

Some are saying that Duane Cash and Phet Cash may be on their way to attaining a "celebrity" or "rock-star" status in the art world as their art reaches even wider audiences through Cash Art Studio.

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