Portland Oregon Woman Loses 95 Pounds While Eating Lollypops

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Slimpops, A New Revolutionary Product Solving the Problem of Hunger while dieting. Eat Candy lose Weight.

Terre' Leveton, a Portland Oregon woman started using SlimPops Eleven months ago. "I received a Slimpop from a friend, who said she had found a miraculous and great tasting weight loss aid. She would tell me no more and asked me to try them. I had decided I wouldn't bother. I had gone from diet to diet my entire life, and I had enough. I would stay fat. No more dieting for me." http://www.goodpops.com/images/test.pdf HER PICTURES.

She went on to say, "I guess I was shamed into trying one by my Husband, Two weeks later, I was eating less than a third of what was eating before, no longer craving sweets and had lost ten pounds without giving up anything or changing my diet in any way."

"Now, eleven months into my Slimpops usage, I have lost more than ninety pounds, and have found Slimpops the easiest way to take off weight and keep off ever" http://www.samplesarefree.com

Dr. Bennett I. Alberts an Oregon M.D. States: “I began using SLIMPOPS™ ten months ago, I have lost nearly 65 pounds without changing my diet in any way. SLIMPOPS™ reduced my cravings and reduced my hunger. I have found that I still eat everything that I like but never crave second helpings and many times do not have the desire to finish the large first helpings I used to eat. I do not feel that I have given up anything.

Dr. Alberts explains, “As a physician, I was very skeptical that a candy like lollipop could work in any way to cause weight loss. I felt that they were hokey and a gimmick. All of a sudden, my wife commented that my belly was not hanging over my belt as much and I noticed that my pants were starting to get a little looser. Since I am a “diabetic”, I went for an evaluation with my personal physician because I was concerned about eating sugar regularly. When I saw him, I had lost 23 pounds and my blood sugars had almost returned to normal. I heartily endorse the SLIMPOPS™ products.”

SLIMPOPS™ makes it easy to lose weight in a safe and natural way. Michael Austin, the original founder of SlimPops™, combined 5 natural ingredients into SLIMPOPS™ to help suppress appetite and provide an energy boost. SLIMPOPS™ have approximately 64 calories, no fat, and they are kosher. They contain L-Tyrosine (amino acid), Citrimax, Guarana Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. SLIMPOPS™ do not contain any unsafe ingredients like Ephedra or Ma Huang. They come in seven delicious flavors: Pina Colada, Cherry, Apple, Root Beer, Peaches & Cream, coffe, and Pink Lemonade.

Consumers may try a sample of SLIMPOPS™ absolutely free by visiting http://www.samplesarefree.com. They will receive 3 SlimPops™ to try at no charge.



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DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information and opinions contained in the printed materials and/or websites do not replace or substitute for the advice of a practicing medical doctor. Please consult your physician before consuming any product or beginning any new diet, supplement regimen, exercise program or any other lifestyle change. Although SlimPopsTM look like candy they are an adult product. Minors should not consume this product, nor use any weight product or program, without approval from a physician or permission their parents.

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