Angry Mob Sets Town Hall Ablaze After Stampede at Internet Cafe.

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Mass stampede by residents of Mission Falls, Ohio and a rhinoceros from their local zoo, as they receive news about the release of a huge range of brand new domain names from dotWORLDS:- Says Mayor Farley Davidson, "The damage to our town cannot be quantified.... I know that these new domain names are fantastic, but this was no reason to tie my wife to a tree. She hadn't even made my dinner yet".

Following the startling revelation that brand new domain names have now been released on the World Wide Web, the residents of Mission falls raced down to the only Internet Cafe for miles around, only to find that their neighbors from Slick City (who had only recently heard about the new domain names themselves) had got there first, and completely taken over. To add insult to injury, the unwanted visitors had taken to barricading the gates, posting a large notice on the door stating "my cow haz mor brainz than yu!".

Furious, one bright spark Elmer Fudsky, 19 screamed "lets get in there" and began to batter then his head against the doors. Later that day and before surgery, Elmer conceded to his mother that this had not been one of his better ideas. However, all was not lost as Police Chief Muntz came up with the suggestion of using the town's mascot, Sally the Rhino, as a means of ejecting the "foreigners from our town" and was immediately hailed a hero. Says Mayor Davidson, I really tried hard to stop them as they gathered at the zoo, but the mob just wouldn't listen. First they set the Town Hall ablaze, and then took my wife as hostage. There was nothing I could do, I hadn't even had my breakfast.

Across the globe, news spread like wildfire about the the new range of brand new domain names from dotWORLDS ( People began to realise that they provide unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalisation and easy-to-remember options, and that they even include domain names which you can create yourself. Everywhere, Internet Service Providers were reporting a phenomenal increase in traffic as buyers struggled to snap up the most desirable names. So much electricity has been diverted from the national grid that it is anticipated it will be at least three months before anyone will be able to make a hot cup of coffee.

However, back at the scene, crack SAS units from the United Nations 4th Scottish Kilts are flying into Mission Falls with urgent food supplies for the Mayor. Our reporters will be standing by to bring you news from the battlefield as it happens.

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