The Atomic Kid - Author George Parker to Speak on ArtistFirst World Radio

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NothingÂ?s as constant as change. But try to tell that to a high school kid, especially before he discovers heÂ?s going to bend time and even transform his shape, just by thinking about it.

George Parker’s new book, The Atomic Kid—Adventures in the Antiworld, is all about change. "Change is the metaphor at the heart of my book. We have to learn to accept change when we move from the protected world of childhood to the freedom of adulthood," says Parker. "The most prolonged and difficult rite of passage imaginable is high school, a microcosm for the trials and tribulations we face as grownups."

The Atomic Kid is about the power of thought and the ability of the individual to manipulate his/her future with imagination. As Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

In the story, John Smith is an ordinary high school kid trying to blend in when he inadvertently gets caught up in a diabolical nightmare, which turns into an adventure of self-realization. An evil scientist’s experiment thrusts John into the magical world of Antimatter, where a disembodied voice calling himself the Master of the Perfect Word teaches him about the art of change and growth and how to cope with his new super powers.

Author George Parker will be discussing his book for an hour—what led to its creation, what it took to write it, and what it took to create the special pop music that accompanies the book—on March 31 at 9 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Pacific time on ArtistFirst World Radio Network. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to find out more, visit, and buy a book!

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English born George Parker is best known for his award winning animation, "The Yellow Submarine Sandwich," included in "The Rutles – All You Need is Cash," Eric Idle’s famous film spoof of the Beatles.

ArtistFirst World Radio sends its clear, static-free FM stereo signal worldwide 24/7. Tune in at: Their content, which they call INFO-TAINEMENT, is exclusively about independent musicians and bands and now independent authors.

The book is also available through, Barnes and, and at bookstores.

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