The Latest Way to Learn Advanced and Technical Search Engine Strategies that Really Work - the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium

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What strategies do the Â?expertsÂ? use to optimize their own Web sites? HavenÂ?t you always wanted to know? Now for the first time ever...there is a place you can go to find out. It's the Ultra Advanced Symposium for Search Engine Marketers.

Did you know that there are Search engine marketers who have a dozen or more Web sites that they use for nothing but testing? What are the top strategies they have learned by studying the results from these testing Web sites?

Where do the truly advanced, technical SEO’s go to learn new strategies that will take them to the highest possible level?

Though you can learn SEO strategies by reading online posts or by attending SEO conferences or seminars, speakers are rarely willing to share their best strategies with you. After all, if everyone were to use those strategies, their effectiveness could dwindle.

So where can you go to learn from the masters . . . from those who have devoted hours and hours to research, testing, and trial and error to come up with personal strategies that really work?

To date, there’s never been an event devoted just to the advanced and technical SEO that wants to be taken to the highest level. Robin Nobles, Co-director of training at Search Engine Workshops says "Through our teaching of Search Engine Workshop students, we’ve been asked time and time again when we were going to offer the “next step” in search engine optimization.

We are happy to announce that we now have that next step in place.

Introducing . . . The Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium

You Might Ask: Why Would Experts Be Willing to Share their Best Personal Strategies with Attendees?

Let’s discuss a few of the reasons.

·Each attendee will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, agreeing not to publicize, promote, post to forums, teach, or announce the strategies in any way. The strategies are to be used for the personal use of the attendees only and for their clients.

·The symposiums will be private events without a huge attendance. So, the strategies won’t be given out to large groups of people.

·Attendees will often be divided into focus groups, and within those focus groups, the attendees themselves will be sharing their own strategies too. So this is a give and take symposium where the attendees and presenters can learn from each other.

·To be frank, the speakers are being paid well for sharing their strategies. In other words, we’ve made it worth their while to participate.

What Might You Learn at an Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium?

The topics you can expect to learn at this event include:

·Understand the new Yahoo! and related sites

·Understand what it takes to get firmly ranked within Google’s top results

·Untie Internet marketing’s “Gordian Knot” and leverage the true power of Cascading Style Sheets

·Discover “The Butterfly Effect”: how to build an authoritative theme

·Learn about integrated performance marketing and how to use the tracking power developed through affiliate marketing to track all sources of traffic and their results

·Learn how to generate large lists of relevant keywords in minutes, and then learn how to determine exactly which ones will generate the true actions (sales, signups, etc.)

·Discover at least four advanced optimization strategies that 99.9% of most SEO’s have never even heard of

·Learn how to legally determine exactly what your competitor is doing and find out how to do it better

·Learn how to penetrate cloaking methods and discover exactly what your competitor is showing the search engines

·Learn advanced tracking strategies, including how to install a freeware tool that will automatically compile your log files and give you the information you need at a glance. Attendees will also be given a script that will greatly enhance their lead generation.

·Plus much more . . .

The date and location of the Ultra Advanced Symposium:

The Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 3-4, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The symposium will start at 8:00 a.m. each day and conclude around 5:00 p.m. However, depending on the needs of the participants, additional events may be scheduled at night.


The cost is $2,495 for the two-day event, which is 100% tax deductible as a business expense.

To put the cost into perspective, attendees will easily be able to apply some of these strategies and rapidly realize the benefits.

Remember: these are advanced, technical, and private strategies that people won’t have the privilege of learning anywhere else.

Guest Presenters for this symposium include

-Rachel Honoway of MyAffiliateProgram

-Michael Marshall of Theme Master

-Dave Barry of SEO Concierge

-Rich Creal of Trade with Success

-Gene O’Neil with Advanced Search Engine

Marketing Consultants.

More information about the brand new Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium...


The symposium is being sponsored by Robin Nobles and John Alexander of Search Engine Workshops.

For more information about live, hands-on SEO training delivered from Robin Nobles and John Alexander in person, visit:

Disclaimer: Legitimate SEO Strategies Only

While the strategies taught at these symposiums will certainly equip attendees to immediately apply them to their own sites and compete in highly competitive industries, only legitimate SEO strategies will be taught. We will never promote or condone spamming practices of any kind, and neither will anyone associated with any of our courses, workshops, or symposiums.

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