Sinus Buster Sales Soar After Mention on Howard Stern Show

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Sinus Buster, the worldÂ?s first hot pepper capsaicin nasal spray was given a huge sales boost thanks to a mention on the Howard Stern Show during a conversation about free speech. Company spokespeople say it's proof of just how powerful Sterns' audience can be both economically and politically.

Sinus Buster, the world’s first hot pepper capsaicin nasal spray was given a huge sales boost thanks to a mention on the Howard Stern Show. It turns out the company’s founder has a lot in common with Stern when it comes to being censored by Clear Channel Communications, the world’s largest radio station operator.

Wayne Perry, inventor of The Sinus Buster nasal spray, worked for WXXA, a Clear Channel owned television station in Albany, New York. Perry’s television commentaries known as “The Mad Minute”, were a popular weekly feature on the station until he started commenting on the big wigs who were near and dear to the Clear Channel corporate boys down in Texas.

Perry’s first run in with Clear Channel came after the controversial 2000 presidential election. Shortly after the final Florida vote count, Perry launched into an “on air” tirade accusing the president’s brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush of using his office to throw election while proclaiming “Al Gore” as the real winner. Within minutes of the broadcast, Perry was angrily confronted by several WXXA department heads.

“They told me I was never to speak the president’s name on air again unless it was in praise of the work he was doing. I was told Lowry Mays, the founder of Clear Channel had specifically ordered me not to do anymore commentaries about the election or Bush. They told me Mays said Bush was off limits. Then they threatened to fire me if I ever said anything bad about the president. Here I was a full time single parent with a son, and I had no choice but to follow their orders. So I kept doing my commentaries, but I left Bush out of them. The thing that sucked was they never checked my commentaries before they aired. They always trusted me before this. I had worked in their news department for 5 years, but after the Bush thing they started scrutinizing every piece before it was allowed to run. And believe me, it’s pretty damned hard to do honest commentaries when your bosses are trying to tell you what to say and what not to say. I’m sure they’d never pull that crap on Andy Rooney, but I was just a little local commentary guy so there was nothing I could do,” Perry explains.

Wayne Perry’s Mad Minute commentaries continued to gain popularity in New York’s Capital Region market even though the Clear Channel suits were working hard to limit the content. Perry fought Clear Channel week after week to get his opinions on the air with as little censorship as possible. Then after a bitter argument over a piece Wayne produced on religion and televangelists, Perry was fired after exposing Clear Channel’s censorship practices in the local newspaper.

“They told me the piece on televangelists was over the top even though I had it checked by the news director. He gave it the green light, and they even gave me video footage of a televangelist who aired on our station to use in the piece. It turns out that the televangelist, Kenneth Copeland was good friends with Lowry Mays down in Texas. Somehow Mays and Copeland both got wind of this commentary, and I know Mays ordered our station to send him a tape. After that, they told me what subjects to cover in my commentaries, and if I refused to stick to those “non controversial” subjects, I would be fired. They wanted to fire me right then, but my commentaries had sponsors and they were bringing in some nice extra cash for the newscast. So I went to the local newspapers and they officially fired me,” says Perry.

Now nearly four years after his controversial firing, Perry finally got a chance to burn Clear Channel in front a of a national audience. On March 3, Perry spoke to Howard Stern about the way Clear Channel operates. Shortly before Perry’s appearance, the Howard Stern Show was abruptly dropped from six Clear Channel owned radio stations due to what they termed as “indecent content”. Clear Channel officials were pointing to an earlier interview Stern had done with Rick Solomon, the ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton who had produced her infamous sex tape, but Stern was claiming the sudden change was due to his recent criticism of George Bush.

“I called Stern’s office so I could get on the show and back him up on the whole Bush thing. It was so obvious what these Clear Channels guys were up to because I had witnessed their Bush agenda first hand. The thing about Howard Stern is he’s so damned powerful. 20 million people listen faithfully to his show everyday and I’m one of them. Hell it was Howard who got his audience to tip the scales in electing George Pataki and Christy Todd Whitman. Believe me once Stern started telling people not to vote for Bush, I’ll bet the president literally crapped his pants. The power of the Stern Show is stronger than probably any other single show on radio or television, and that scares the hell out of the powers that be – especially when Howard isn’t on their side,” Perry explains.

Perry says he wasn’t prepared for the power of Howard Stern either. Within minutes after his appearance, Perry’s company, SiCap Industries had received thousands of orders and inquiries for their novel new product known as The Sinus Buster. Their company was so deluged with orders, they were still playing catch up a week after the fact.

“I had suffered from chronic cluster headaches and allergies my whole life, and years ago I developed this natural nasal spray made with capsaicin natural hot pepper extract. It relieves migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, allergies and sinus symptoms. After I got fired from Clear Channel, I decided to market this headache reliever worldwide. The product is incredible, and since we started selling it over the web, we’ve gotten press all over the world. We were even featured in an NBC medical news report that aired on news feeds all over the country. We’d been selling Sinus Busters like crazy before the Stern thing, but Oh My God……after that 3 minute conversation with Howard, our business literally blew up over night. Now that’s what I call power, and that’s why the feds are so scared of Howard Stern. Make no mistake – Stern could definitely sway the presidential election, and I’m right behind him. By the way thanks to Howard, we’ve already hired three additional people to help fill orders. Maybe Howard should run for president since he’s the only one who seems to be able to create jobs,” says Perry.

In light of the latest FCC rulings to increase fines and clamp down on broadcasters, Wayne Perry says it’s more important than ever for the silent majority to stand up against tightening regulations. In particular, he wants to help get the FCC off Howard Stern’s back, and he’s using the Sinus Buster website to join the fight in support of free speech.

“Our website gets thousands visitors every day from all over the country, and we’ve decided to put up a link to an online petition to stop the FCC from stepping all over free speech and freedom of press. I heard about this website on The Howard Stern Show. It’s basically an online petition, and they’re trying to get at least one million names to bring to Congress and the FCC. It’s time for average Americans to stand up and be counted. We can’t let the religious right control our media, and we’ve got to keep Howard Stern on the air because he’s the only national radio personality who doesn’t have a hidden agenda. The FCC is trying to change the rules of the game during play, and they won’t let Stern fight it out in court… it’s up to us listeners to fight the FCC at the grass roots level. They start by telling Howard Stern what he can and can’t say on radio, and next they’ll be telling you and I what we can or can’t say around the water cooler,” warns Perry.

At SiCap Industries, they plan to stand behind controversial broadcasters by putting their advertising money where it counts, and as founder of the company, Wayne Perry says it’s also important that advertisers refuse to cave into the agenda of the religious right.

“It’s a vicious cycle, and as an advertiser we plan on supporting as many controversial shows as we can on radio and television. I wish we could afford to advertise nationally with Stern right now, and as we grow in the future we will. But we are planning on running radio spots in local markets on stations that carry his show. Of course we have no plans to air any spots whatsoever on any clear channel radio frequencies,” declared Perry.

For information on Wayne Perry’s Sinus Buster and links to the FCC Petition, go to (

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