Utah Governor Candidate Visits Pure Energy Systems

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Gary Herbert hears report of how Utah is teeming with cutting-edge, clean energy technology inventors and groups.

Wending his way through a 27-county visit on his campaign trail, Utah Governor candidate, Gary Herbert, stopped in Ephraim on March 18 to meet with Sterling Allan and Susan Carter of Pure Energy Systems to discuss their start-up, not-for-profit business and ramifications of alternative energy technologies for Utah's future economic progress.

Herbert expressed interest in seeing Utah become a world leader in the quest for clean, inexhaustible energy; which is what Pure Energy Systems (PES) would help accomplish.

Part of what captured Herbert's interest in PES was their emphasis on education, which he considers one of the most important issues facing Utah. PES will be developing an academy and encyclopedia focused on revolutionary renewable energy technologies, to augment their news and open sourcing projects.

Allan and Carter briefed Herbert on the extent of inventors and inventions within Utah that hold great promise in the energy revolution.

Allan mentioned a Ph.D. in Salt Lake City who claims to be running a truck on hydrogen derived from water. The researcher does not wish to have his identity be known at this point for security reasons. Allan reported him as having said, "The main problem is that we go through tires so fast because those who drive it can't resist burning rubber, with how much power the engine has."

He also is working with a technology that breaks diesel fuel into mono-atomic form, which when it recombines results in a fuel that increases fuel efficiency by 300% with no measurable emissions. This technology has been reviewed by parties in Japan and China and is in final stages of a multi-billion dollar contract. Allan quoted this same gentleman as having said, "It will be years before the U.S. is open enough to allow technology like this."

Utah is also home to many inventors who have discovered ways to significantly increase the mileage using regular fossil fuels. Paul Pantone, an inventor from Salt Lake City, is one of the most famous and controversial names worldwide in the quest for super-efficient carburetors.

Hal Fox, another resident of Salt Lake City, has a lifetime of research into alternative energy technologies and waste remediation. He has been involved in the development of technology for the on-site stabilization of high-level, radioactive wastes.

Kiril Chukanov, also a Ph.D., is another energy inventor located in Salt Lake City, having immigrated from Czechoslovakia to the U.S. several years ago to escape political oppression. The inventor of potentially revolutionary technology, "he delivers pizza trying to make ends meet," noted Carter. Chukanov has been featured in Utah newspapers for his feat in creating ball lightning. He is seeking funding of approximately half a million dollars to build a 100 kW energy generating prototype.

Allan and Carter expressed that these are but a sampling of the technologies being developed within the borders of Utah, and which could yet be attracted to the state by its conducive political and intellectual climate.

Herbert is intent on seeing rural Utah be given due attention for its economic development needs, which he believes will be best served by providing solid education and reducing unnecessary government regulations that stifle business productivity.

As county commissioner of the largest county in Utah for 14 years, Herbert believes he has the experience necessary to serve well as governor.

The Herbert campaign staff learned of Pure Energy Systems through its website, and suggested to Herbert that he pay them a visit while traveling through the area. Herbert was accompanied by a camera crew of four individuals that have been documenting his travels through the state.

The meeting was held at Snow College's West Campus High Tech building, which Pure Energy Systems plans to lease.

Allan gave Herbert a sample page from the PES website. Energy technologies are open-sourced, providing a complete set of plans. As people work with the ideas, they then report on replications done, and post design improvements to accelerate the progression of the technology worldwide.

Herbert also looked at a small magnetic motor prototype that represents a large unit, a modification of which has been made operable by a PES associate.

If Herbert has his way, such technologies will be fostered, not held back as they have too often been in the United States by a combination of status quo thinking and outright suppression by competing energy interests.

Mary-Sue Haliburton of PES hopes whoever is elected will make the fostering of clean energy technology in Utah and elsewhere an immovable high priority, and not give in to the deep pocket lobby interests of the status quo systems that are depleting the earth's resources.


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The camera crew from Herbert's travels will be in the office on Monday, March 22, and will be able to relay television-quality video images of the visit then.


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