Faux Glow to Go - Airbrush Tanning the Hottest Trend for Spring and Summer

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Thanks to airbrush tanning, you can get a tan in less time than it takes to get a manicure and the beauty about it is that it being touted as safer than exposure to the damaging rays of the sun or traditional tanning beds. This hot new trend in tanning is growing rapidly Â? across the entire United States.

Thanks to airbrush tanning, you can get a tan in less time than it takes to get a manicure and the beauty about it is that it being touted as safer than exposure to the damaging rays of the sun or traditional tanning beds. This hot new trend in tanning is growing rapidly – across the entire United States.

MOON Tans, a Colorado Corporation is the company responsible for the sunless tanning boom in Colorado. Since April 2003 MOON Tans, Inc. has licensed over 70 locations nationally to-date and "is the fastest growing sunless airbrush tanning company in the country," states Linda Dillon, President and Founder of MOON Tans, Inc. MOON Tans has been gaining National recognition in the sunless tanning industry - featured in several different local and national publications and television segments. In addition to a feature article in the February 2004 Business Style Section of Women’s Edition Magazine, Allure Magazine declares MOON Tans, Inc. one of the "Best Beauty Services and Exceptional Experts across the Country" in the October 2003 Five Star and Superstar Guide. The Denver Post “The Scene” Section featured “You Don’t Have to Broil in Oil for a bronze glow” in June 2003, and WB Channel 2 aired a 4-minute segment demonstrating the Airbrush Tanning Technique of MOON Tans in May 2003.

What has prompted this revolutionary technique to tanning? “The general population is becoming increasingly aware of the damage of any kind of UV Rays – and we all know that exposing our skin to these kind of damaging effects potentially increases the risk of skin cancer” says Dillon.

“The excitement about airbrush tanning has been astounding and contagious because until recently we didn’t have a good alternative to spending time in a tanning bed or under the damaging rays of the sun to obtain that healthy golden glow.” adds Dillon.

“MOON Tans looks great,” says Penny Vesel of Denver. “I was a sun worshiper, tanning bed regular and frequent user of almost every self-tanning cream on the market. I am so excited to have found this alternative –the fact that it is safe is paramount and it is totally natural looking” adds Vesel. Penny’s excitement about MOON Tans prompted her to quit her job to become a sales representative for MOON Tans. “This is too incredible not to share, I want people to know there IS a safe, great looking alternative!” states Vesel.

This revolutionary tan is delivered through an airbrush by a trained technician. The company has spent over a year and a half perfecting their tanning solution before introducing it to the market last spring. It has since proven to bronze over 30,000 clients with unsurpassed quality, consistency and effectiveness. "We have produced a formula that provides the client with the natural glow of spending time in the sun –without any damage or the streaks and orange hue that is often found when using over the counter self tanners” says Dillon.

Women (and more recently men) have been in search for the “perfect tan” since the 1960’s with the introduction of Quick Tan (QT). Although many of the over the counter treatments provide a tan, many are messy, hard to apply, stain clothing and often leave the user with “orange hands, feet and streaks galore”. “I really like looking tan, but I can’t ever get the sunless tanning lotions to look good and I am not willing to subject my skin to the damage of the sun or tanning beds” says Terri Anuszewski of Aspen. “I love how natural I look and how quick and easy getting a MOON Tan is” she says.

Many ingredients are the same in both the over-the-counter self tanning lotions and the airbrush tanning solution; the active ingredient being DHA, a natural derivative of sugar, creates a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the skin providing the pigment of the skin to darken. DHA is safe; it has been tested and approved by the FDA for over 30 years.

MOON Tans has taken this incredible new trend to a new level. How can you possible get a flawless tan? “It’s simple really” says Dillon. The "MOON Mist" tanning solution is applied to the clients' skin with an airbrush. During the application, the MOON Mist Solution dries almost instantly; is odorless and provides a glowing, golden tan. Dillon also states that, "Because we care about the condition of our client's tan, we have developed our MOON Mist solution to rejuvenate the skin, leaving skin feeling smooth, silky and healthy. A growing number of our clients have previously had skin cancer and have been directed by their doctors to stay out of the sun completely. They are thrilled to have this tanning alternative." The client's comfort level with the technician and salon policy usually dictates what to/not to wear while being tanned.

One session takes about 15 minutes for the technician to apply and the solution dries almost instantly and develops over a period of 6-8 hours. Two sessions are recommended to build a base tan, and once established, the tan will last anywhere from 7-10 days. MOON Tans doesn't dye the skin, it creates the same reaction the sun does, without all the harmful UV rays, "leaving the client with a very natural looking tan”.

Linda Dillon is founder and president of MOON Tans, Inc. a Colorado company that offers complete sunless airbrush tanning systems, tanning solutions and related skin care products. For more information, please contact MOON Tans at 303-979-5901 or visit the web site at http://www.moontans.com.

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