Florestas, the Beauty Secret From the Amazon Arrives in the United States - Complete Line of Botanical Beauty Products from Brazil Introduced at EX•TRACTS 2004 Personal Care Show in New York City

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Florestas, one of BrazilÂ?s leading manufacturers and marketers of sustainable botanical beauty products, is introducing its Â?AmazonasÂ? line of natural health, skin care and bath products made from exotic Brazilian whole ingredients today at EXÂ?TRACTS 2004 in New York. EXÂ?TRACTS is the industryÂ?s leading trade show for the aromatherapy, fragrance, and personal care marketplace.

Florestas®, one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers and marketers of sustainable botanical beauty products, is introducing its “Amazonas” line of natural health, skin care and bath products made from exotic Brazilian whole ingredients today at EX•TRACTS 2004 in New York. EX•TRACTS is the industry’s leading trade show for the aromatherapy, fragrance, and personal care marketplace.

Long established in Brazil, Florestas’ Amazonas line features a complete selection of skin care, bath and aromatherapy products derived from plants and nuts wild-harvested and collected by local communities in the Amazon. These natural ingredients are found exclusively in the rain forest, and their properties have been used by native Indians for centuries as antidotes for numerous ailments.

“Our belief is that nature can provide all that humans need,” said Lima, president of Florestas. “We have searched the biodiversity of the Brazilian rain forest and studied indigenous Amazonian therapeutics in our quest to create the finest and most healthful natural alternatives to harsh, chemically derived personal care products. Our products are state-of-the art formulations that contain significant concentrations of therapeutic elements that deliver superior results.”

The rainforest seeds used in Florestas products contain unique oils that bring a more effective solution for hair and skin care. Brazilian oil seeds like andiroba and Brazil nuts are rich in fatty acids, vital to maintaining the integrity of skin. The lipids present in the oil also act to hydrate and moisturize the skin by maintaining emolliency and the integrity of the skin’s cutaneous barrier.

Brazilian fruits used in Florestas products – acai, cupuacu and acerola – are packed with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Each fruit provides its own amazing aroma and nutritional attributes and these succulent fruits also provide unparalleled anti-oxidant properties.

During the collection of our raw materials, Florestas ensures that the Brazilian ecosystem is preserved and the seeds and herbs used to prepare our products are kept at the purest level. As local legend tells, each fruit or seed was presented by God at critical times and used for multiple applications vital to the existence of indigenous tribes in the rainforest.

“It is our commitment to use native plants and seed ingredients whenever possible in our formulations,” said Lima. “Plants used in our Amazonas product line are wild-harvested in a non-intrusive manner by local communities and the seeds that are collected have fallen naturally from the rain forests trees. We help ensure the preservation of flora in Brazilian rainforests by working only with certified partners that committed to socially responsibility trade, support the native communities and respect our unique natural environment.”

Florestas’ Amazonas natural personal care products are created to benefit both body and senses. No synthetic fragrances or colors of any kind are used and Florestas products are designed to maintain a normal pH balance, minimizing the potential for any skin irritation. All Florestas health and beauty products are handcrafted in the company’s Brazilian manufacturing plant and are never tested on animals. The Amazonas product line includes:

Skin Care Products:

Florestas holistic products focus on harmonizing and balancing the skin’s functions. The company’s comprehensive skin care line includes:

•    Â“Night Rose cream” to nourish and renew dry and mature skin

•    Buriti “after sun” cream rich in vitamin A and pro-vitamin A

•    A range of moisturizing creams and body lotions for different skin types and conditions

Hair Care Products:

Florestas’ complete line of shampoos and moisturizing conditioner feature exotic Brazilian ingredients. These therapeutic formulas leave hair beautiful and shining with no artificial colors and fragrances. Florestas luxurious natural conditioners will help restore hairs’ natural shine and strength.

Shower Gels:

Everyone’s skin type is different, and so the Florestas’ shower gel products are tailored to individual skin types using unique combinations of natural Brazilian nuts and flora.

•    Dry skin: avocado, Brazilian nuts and cupuaçu butter.

•    Oily skin: sage and lavender.

•    Normal skin: rosemary, copaiba and andiroba.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils:

The properties of essential oils transmit countless benefits to the body and mind. Florestas aromatherapy products help to slip tension away and bring harmony between body and mind. Derived from plants, essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves and bark naturally, without any chemical additives. In addition to its range of essential oils, Florestas offers a line of beautiful aromatherapy diffusers.

Massage Oils:

Florestas offers the purest natural massage oils enriched with vitamin E. Florestas’ vegetable oils are obtained from the seeds, nuts and plants that grow throughout Brazil. They can be used as after-bath oil, in massage therapy and aromatherapy treatments and include oils made from sweet almond, Brazil nuts, rose hips and wheat germ.

About Florestas

Florestas is a Brazilian maker and marketer of premium hair care; skin, spa, lifestyle, aroma and body-care products created from pure herbals, vegetable oils, aromatherapy essential oils and vitamins. Florestas upholds values and supports actions in creating products that support a sustainable economy and culture in native Brazilian lands. Florestas is involved in projects that promote professional and personal growth in harmony with natural resources. Five percent of the company’s net profit is distributed to organizations that preserve the Amazon rainforest and its fauna.

Visit us on the Web at http://www.florestas.com.

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