Biometrics Direct™ Announces the Availability of BioCert® Authenticator™ Line of Biometric Toolkits

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Biometrics Direct� (, a leading provider of biometric based security solutions today announced the immediate availability of their BioCert® Authenticator� line of biometric toolkits. These solutions are aimed at providing the mid-market business tier a solution for authenticating end users via biometrics within their own custom applications.

Biometric authentication compares the physical characteristics of the fingerprint (minutiae) and is unique to each end user. The server portion of the BioCert system does not store a raw fingerprint, but stores a mathematical string of characters that represent of some of the minutiae points. This is known as a biometric template.

The biometric template is established on the server during the enrollment phase where a user is registered into the database. Once registered, every time a user presents their fingerprint for authentication, the core engine of the BioCert toolkits compares the minutiae points presented vs. the registered template. A match between the template and the presented fingerprint is immediately registered as being “authenticated”. This process is accurate to a degree of 0.00001% thus making biometric authentication one of the most accurate positive identification methods in existence today.

The BioCert core engine is capable of immediately (less than 2 Seconds) identifying up to 20,000 users using a stand alone BioCert Hamster optical fingerprint scanner or a scanner incorporated within a BioCert Optimouse.

“Traditional software development kits (SDK) incorporating biometrics require a substantial amount of programming experience at a very high level. Our BioCert toolkits are designed to allow users with very little effort to immediately integrate biometrics within their custom applications, databases and other business critical software.” Stated Marc Potvin, BioCert Authenticator Project Manager for Biometrics Direct.

The BioCert Authenticator Toolkits are designed to be used as a drop-in (.ocx) module for use with Visual Basic (VB), and Microsoft VB for Applications (MS Office). Business managers and their internal programmers will easily and efficiently be able to add biometric authentication to any Excel spreadsheet, Word document, Outlook Email Client, Access Database or any application written in VB, FoxPro, C++ or

“Imagine the possibilities of being able to obtain supervisor approval via biometrics on an email, adding a CEO’s authorization to your budget, or HR authorization to a personnel record and know with certainty that the individual authorization is absolutely valid and secure. Managers can eliminate “buddy punching” fraud by using biometric authentication in their time & attendance program or reduce cycle time in manufacturing by having a quality control engineer sign off on a production run biometrically. Each of these time and money saving capabilities plus many more are immediately available using the BioCert Authenticator Toolkits.” Claimed James Childers, CEO of Biometrics Direct.

The integration of the BioCert Authenticator and your application is seamless and efficient. “In a two hour plane ride, I was able to add secure biometric authentication to our application using the BioCert Authenticator Toolkit” raved Richard Dechow, HealthCard Network

The BioCert Authenticator Toolkit Family is being marketed in three variations:

BioCert Authenticator Lite – This toolkit allows for up to 10 biometric templates in the built-in database. This will allow end users to test drive biometric technology and develop a proof of concept using the base toolkit. Additionally students can use the LITE version to develop applications for the classroom or validate their thesis. The BioCert Authenticator Lite will be shipped free of charge with the BioCert Hamster or Optimouse and may be downloaded from our website at

BioCert Authenticator Professional Edition – The professional edition is being marketed as the standard toolkit and allows the authentication of up to 500 biometric templates in the internal database. The BioCert Authenticator Pro is designed to work in a single domain environment and will allow remote access connectivity through VPN. Pricing for the BioCert Authenticator Professional Edition is $199.95.

BioCert Authenticator Enterprise Edition – Our client-server enterprise toolkit allows for the immediate (less than 2 seconds) authentication of up to 20,000 biometric templates in a LAN environment. This powerful toolkit is priced at $499.95 for the base BioCert engine and $150.00 per 1000 biometric templates.

About Biometrics Direct

A privately-held Company, Artemis Solutions Group, LLC headquartered in Freeland, Washington operates three business units – Biometrics Direct, and BioCert. Biometrics Direct has a substantial dealer distribution network and sales offices in the US, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong. Biometrics Direct provides innovative biometric solutions for home, healthcare, federal and corporate customers utilizing the latest in biometric technology, software and services. Biometrics Direct features biometric solutions for facility access, personal security, corporate data and network access and can be found on the Internet at

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