Keep Gas Prices High For Terrorists Sake.

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FOIL announces the sale of the official, "OSAMA BIN LADEN. YOU CAN COUNT ON MY GAS MONEY TO FINANCE YOUR TERRORISM! I'm not doing squat to pressure Congress into finally supporting made-in-USA energy.Â? tee-shirt. FOIL is offering an entrepreneurial solution to the obvious contempt congress has for the average taxpayer. Coming soon: Book, "How To Help Big Oil Make More Obscene Profits."


Next time your gas gauge drops to “E,” think about what you’ve done to support the proliferation of much-needed made-in-USA alternative fuels

If the best you’ve done for America’s addiction to foreign oil and high gas prices is to whine and complain about it, then FOIL the Foreign Oil Independence League has a T shirt just for you.

Now, you can put on your "HEY, OSAMA BIN LADEN, YOU CAN COUNT ON MY GAS MONEY TO FINANCE TERRORISM" Tee shirt and proclaim your disinterest in the fight for oil independence.

For years, FOIL has been using one creative campaign after another to get across the idea that energy other than what’s generated by petro-fuels is needed to get America off its foreign oil diet and to return sanity, safety and homeland security to the USA.

But some people just don’t get it. Billboards, posters, decals, bumper stickers, in-your-face ads, pump placards and gas tank stickers just fall on blind eyes and deaf ears.

Well, if you’re proud to be apathetic, let everyone know about it.

Wave your hands and yell, “Hey, everybody, look at me. I’m pumping my tank full of overpriced gasoline paid for with American money that’s going overseas to fund the next terror attack.”

Proudly wear your Osama T shirt when you drive up to the pump where you’ll stand for some time as the tank fills up and the money digits spin.

“I’m not doing anything to press Congress to get off the gas and promote the use of made-in-the-USA energy products,” the t-shirt boasts.


Produced in USA energy sources such as ethanol, wind, solar and biomass are available and happening, but at a snail's pace. Special interests that thrive on the sweat and toil of Middle America don't want things to change.

Until citizens learn this hard lesson, more Americans will die for oil.

Let's stop this insanity and bankrupt terrorists by promoting and using made-in-USA alternative energy sources.

Log on and find out how 30 seconds of the time it takes to place this static cling decal insde your car window will give you a reason to be proud of yourself. 

It’s your decision. To be a pump patriot or not.

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