Aiirmesh Communications Selects Airgain Smart Antenna Technology for Community Broadband Network

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Aiirmesh Communications to use Airgain's 802.11b Smart Wireless Bridge to enhance the coverage and performance of its Community Broadband Network in Cerritos, California. AirgainÂ?s compact smart antenna solutions deliver the flexibility of an omni-antenna with the enhanced performance of a directional antenna, providing dramatic improvements in range that increase the coverage of ordinary Wi-Fi solutions up to ten fold.

Carlsbad, CA, April 8, 2004 –- Airgain, Inc., a leading-edge provider of smart antenna solutions for next generation 802.11 WLAN systems, today announced that Aiirmesh Communications has selected its Smart Wireless Bridge to provide improved coverage for Aiirmesh’s Community Broadband Network in Cerritos, California. Airgain’s Smart Wireless Bridge uses patented directional beam forming and automatic antenna steering technology which can extend the range of 802.11-based client devices up to 1 mile in a line-of-sight environment. The Smart Wireless Bridge will be used by Aiirmesh to extend coverage to homes and businesses throughout the city.

"Airgain’s Smart Wireless Bridge provides us with the ability to deliver better coverage to our customers, especially those located in challenging RF environments, at a lower cost than conventional solutions," said Aiirmesh CEO, Stan Hirschman. "One of our key objectives as we developed our network was to ensure that underserved communities like Cerritos receive cost-effective access to high speed Internet services, and Airgain is helping us make that a reality."

Aiirmesh reached agreement last November with the City of Cerritos to provide wireless high-speed Community Broadband Internet access that covers the entire city. Cerritos is a Southern California suburban community of 50,000 people that, like many areas in the US, does not have citywide access for DSL or cable modem broadband. The broadband Internet service will be marketed to residents and businesses in Cerritos as a high-speed alternative to dial-up Internet, with the added advantage of being thoroughly wireless and available in all outdoor areas throughout the city.

"We are proud to have been selected by Aiirmesh to be a part of their innovative broadband access network, which can expedite the delivery of high speed Internet service to underserved communities across the country," said Pertti Visuri, CEO of Airgain. "By delivering significant improvements in range and coverage, our smart antenna solutions are designed to provide system vendors and service providers alike with more flexible and cost effective infrastructure platforms for 802.11-based systems."

Airgain’s Smart Wireless Bridge connects any Ethernet-ready device or network to an 802.11 wireless network. Through the use of high output and automatic antenna steering at very high switching speeds, it provides dramatic improvements in range that increase the coverage of a typical Wi-Fi network up to ten times that of conventional wireless systems. The Smart Wireless Bridge also continuously monitors network signal strength, dynamically shifting between 11, 5, and 2 mbps network speeds for maximum availability and reliability of connection.

Added John Griebling, Aiirmesh CTO, "The Airgain bridge is an extraordinary device which combines superior RF performance and self-orientation, eliminating the need for our customers to point it in any particular direction. This simplifies the installation process and allows us to provide our customers with a turnkey, easy-to-use broadband solution."

About Airgain

Airgain is a leading-edge developer of smart antenna solutions serving the 802.11 WLAN systems market. Based on phased array radar principles developed for the military, Airgain’s smart antennas can be steered electronically at very high switching speeds, greatly enhancing the performance of home or enterprise WLANs. Airgain supplies its smart antenna solutions to original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers requiring cost-effective solutions that deliver increased range, performance and availability. The company's main office is in Carlsbad, California, USA, with a research center located in St. Petersburg, Russia. News and information are available at

About Aiirmesh Communications

Formed by a group of experienced Internet telecommunications and wireless technology experts, Aiirmesh is a value added reseller and provider of end-to-end solutions for Wi-Fi high-speed community broadband Internet services. Aiirmesh creates networks to meet the needs of consumers, public safety and enterprises. Working with Affiliate partners throughout North America, Aiirmesh designs, deploys and provides network management services. Aiirmesh is a privately held company based in Woodland Hills, CA, with offices in Highland Ranch, CO, and Plano, TX. The Company can be reached at Aiirmesh Communications, 20335 Ventura Blvd. Suite 425, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. Phone: 818.673.1897. News and information are available at

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