New Hot Pepper Nasal Spray is an Allergy Season Sensation

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Sinus Buster, the worldÂ?s first nasal spray made with natural hot pepper extract has become a favorite among allergy sufferers as the ultimate Â?Allergy EqualizerÂ?. This all natural capsaicin based nasal spray is being hailed by thousands as one of the greatest anti-allergy breakthroughs ever.

It seems everyone’s talking about The Sinus Buster, an all natural nasal spray that packs a powerful punch thanks to it’s active ingredient (oleoresin capsicum). Capsicum is a natural resin extracted from various varieties of hot peppers. Although this strange nasal spray has been on the market for less than a year, it has already gained a serious reputation as the answer to chronic sinus conditions, headaches, and allergies.

The secret of the Sinus Buster was discovered by Wayne Perry, a self defense expert and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. During a live television demonstration, Perry who had agreed to be sprayed by real self defense pepper spray, was confronted with a terrible cluster headache. Seconds after being sprayed, he was astounded to find his headache had completely disappeared. It was then the Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray was born.

Perry spent the next 5 years experimenting with various hot pepper extracts and other natural ingredients to design the perfect allergy, headache, and sinus reliever. Within six months of being introduced on the web, the Sinus Buster has become popular throughout the world.

"We just ran our first batch of Dutch language labels for our distributor in Holland, and German labels are probably next. We've been selling all over the world with our American labels, but the spray has become so popular we're forced to mainstream it for international markets. Orders pour in from places like Brazil and ofcourse Australia is a huge market for us, and we're getting huge in the UK too," says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster.

SiCap's management team isn't exaggerating about the exploding popularity of their hot pepper nasal spray. If you run a google search on the Sinus Buster, you'll find articles and comments on websites in a variety of languages. In fact, it seems the Sinus Buster has acquired somewhat of a "cult status" in many countries where it's harder to get.

In Australia, where the allergy season never lets up, SiCap has thousands of diehard sinus buster lovers who claim it's the best allergy symptom fighter ever invented. According to Wayne Perry, founder of SiCap Industries, the Sinus Buster's worldwide reputation has built itself on old fashioned "word of mouth".

"One person uses it, and the next thing you know they've told 20 people how fantastic this stuff really is. Word of mouth has literally spread this product across the world. We even have soldiers stuck in Iraq who use the sinus buster to fend off the dry dust and allergens. Most of the military people order it through friends based at a military support camp in Kuwait, and they get relatives to send it also. Ever since we launched this product, it's developed a life of its' own. We haven't even started any real advertising campaigns, and yet this thing is everywhere -- even Africa," boasts Perry.

Though SiCap's Sinus Buster is selling fast worldwide, it's popularity in the United states is unsurpassed. This product has received more press than any "start up" company could ever dream of. The Sinus Buster has been featured in major magazines, newspapers, tv newscasts, and even got a plug on the Howard Stern Show.

"The Stern thing was huge for us. His audience is loyal and they buy. The greatest thing is that it's only been a month since we got plugged on Stern's show, and already 30% of those first time buyers have come back to buy more. We've gotten so many emails from Stern fans thanking us for this spray because it really works and that's a fact. This spray has helped so many headache sufferers and allergy sufferers -- it's just amazing. I'm talking about people who've suffered for years and have been on all kinds of medicines, and they never got any real relief until they used the sinus buster," Wayne Perry adds.

SiCap Industries has thrived from the strength of its' debut product, the Sinus Buster -- so much so that the company is expanding their manufacturing facilities in order dramatically multiply their output so they can keep up with demand. SiCap's future plans also include a larger bottle for the Sinus Buster, and two brand new capsaicin based natural health supplements.

"We're about to officially launch our new Pepper Boost formula. And due to the huge demand, we've also decided to put the buster in bigger bottles. So starting next month we'll be offering our customers 20% more sinus buster for free. Hundreds of people have begged us for a larger bottle and now they're gonna get it," adds Bob Haines.

With allergy season upon us, the Sinus Buster has become one of the hottest natural remedies on the web. With sales going through the roof, SiCap Industries is now featuring several new payment options to fit every customer's need. Web visitors can now order the Sinus Buster via credit card, paypal, and snail mail. You can find more information about the Sinus Buster and other SiCap products at (, the official company website.

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