Bald Man Now Has “Blonde.Hair” (

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Mark King, 45, completely bald since the age of 14, takes affirmative action and now has "". Its amazing ....but will it really made a difference to his social life - No Way Â? He's still got 150 million dollars in the bank and everybody loves him. Read his story here.

At 14, Mark King's hair fell out. It was devastating, says mother Jo. Completely shunned by his schoolmates, he simply stayed at home. Mark left school to toil 20 hours a day, alone, in the back of his Uncle's shop. Mark's only aim was to save enough money to find a cure for his baldness. It was for this reason that, at the end of each week, Mark would go down to the bank and deposit all of his meagre wages ($3.44c). He wouldn't spend a penny. He planned to succeed.

Each time he made $20, Mark would withdraw that money from the bank, cycle 30 miles to the local Mill, and buy as much cotton as he could afford. Carrying the cotton back home, he would split the load into smaller lots and sell them all off to the locals for a small profit. It wasn't long before Mark found he could afford to buy larger and larger parcels of cotton from the the Mill, and at the same time make bigger and bigger profits for himself.

Finally, on Tuesday April 12th, 1994 it all came to a head...............Mark won the USA National Lottery. Yes, Mark walked away with $150 million dollars and then burnt down his Uncle's shop (we are not sure if his Uncle was inside at the time).

At last, Mark could concentrate on his life's ambition full time. Despite being born with brown hair, Mark really always wanted to be a blonde - and he was in luck. As a shrewd operator, he knew that dotWORLDS has released a very large range of potential domain names to the Internet (including domain names that you can create yourself). Today, you can be anything you want to be and there are unlimited possibilities, and a spam free life, for all those who want personalization and easy-to-remember options.

So immediately Mark got "www". He also went a bit wild and got "http://www.", "http://www.", "www .", "www" and "www". Is he happy, yes. But so would you be with $150 million in the bank

So, whether you've got tons of hair (like Mark has now) or not, get with the programme and you too could reclaim your True Self as the most adored individual ever. Go to today, join the growing band of converts and get there FIRST!

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