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Winners of the T-Shirt King Political Humor Contest Announced. As you all well know by now, the T-Shirt King has been running the biggest and hottest humor t-shirt contest on the world wide web. In January we gave it a little twist and went all-out political. With this release, we will announce the six winners. Their winning entries will make you laugh. Posted by: http://www.t-shirtking.com

Political Humors News Flash

It's Oh So Political!

As you all well know by now, the T-Shirt King has been running the biggest and hottest humor t-shirt contest on the world wide web. In January we gave it a little twist and went all-out political with it. The everyday humor will eventually return once the election hooha has run its course, until then, fire us your best original political humor over to http://www.t-shirtking.com/contest

The Skinny

For those who haven’t been following along, we have this contest. You send in your best, brightest and most importantly – original - funny political sayings. We select the ones we feel will possibly make a great shirt. We post these on the site for your votes. From those results we select a winner, every month. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Tell 'Em What They've Won, Bob!

For those lucky enough to have the wit we desire for our t-shirts, we give them a big juicy contract. First off, they get a $100 advance. Most contests would stop right there. In fact, most don’t even go that far. We take it well beyond expectations and give you $1 per shirt for every shirt we sell, topping out at a potential $100,000. It’s so very simple. The only down side is that many entries don’t make it, but it doesn’t cost you a dime to enter and the odds of hitting a winner are all up to your funny bone.

The Winner's Circle

You’re dying to know, so here they are, our most recent winners and what they had to come up with to get the cold hard cash. Their last names have been omitted to protect their privacy.

January Political Humor Winners:

“I Think, Therefore I Am... Not A Republican”

“I Think, Therefore I Am... Not A Democrat”

By Rachael H.

”I Sold My Backbone on eBay. Now, I Don't Stand For Anything” – National Democratic Party

By Michael R.

  • Best wishes to Michael, he just got shipped out to Iraq.

February Political Humor Winners:

“Lick Bush 2004”

By Ralph S.

“Democrats Are Asses”

By Joshua W.

“Dick And Bush Are In The Whitehouse And We're The One's Getting Screwed”

By Jeff E.

March Political Humor Winners:

“Bushisms T-Shirt”

By Sara B.

The April winner or winners will be announced shortly. Thanks for all those who have entered, keep your entries coming.


It’s tough being rejected, even if it’s only a funny t-shirt contest. No one wants to be turned down, especially if you feel you have a great idea. It sucks, we know, but there are lots of reasons we might not have chosen your idea. Our standard email rejection response makes it pretty clear. But basically it boils down to business, t-shirts are our business, that’s what we know and we know it really well. So we look for ideas we know that have the potential of being a successful T-SHIRT. Lots of entries are funny, but don’t translate too well to being a t-shirt, that’s just how it is. It’s not that we might not like your idea; we just know it’s not going to work for us as a t-shirt. Our only comfort to you is that it doesn’t cost you anything to keep trying.


We had over 50,000 votes and over 5,000 entries. If your entry is accepted, T-Shirt King will market your t-shirt online and off, retail and wholesale. You get a monthly royalty check for $1 for every shirt sold with a $100 advance. Every month for the life of the design, or $100,000, whichever comes first. So, put the thinking cap on and enter a few funny political jokes here:




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Chad Koch




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