Celebrate Earth Day Everyday: Ten Simple Steps

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Animal expert shares simple steps to help the environment and to help readers become backyard conservationists.

This week many communities and colleges will be celebrating Earth Day. The annual celebration began as a grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment in the spring of 1970. Now a national effort, people and communities across the nation conduct events geared toward teaching others how to help conserve and protect our planet.

“Earth Day encourages people to be participants in conserving the environment and the animals in it. We face bigger challenges today because people are disconnected from the natural world and their part in the web of life. Helping people to reconnect in simple but effective ways can have a global impact.”

Guerrero is the author of “What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality.” The book teaches people how to connect with both wild and domestic creatures.

“People are motivated by animals. That interest and drive can be channeled into efforts that will help those critters and the environment. It is critical that we all do something for our planet on a daily or weekly basis.” Guerrero stated.

Guerrero, who publishes an online magazine about animals and the environment (http://www.arkanimals.com), is taking a group to the Costa Rican Rainforest in August. Her concerns encompass a wide variety of topics that include habitat destruction.

She said, “Rainforests once covered more about 14% if the Earth’s surface. Today less than half that amount remains (about 6%). Human impact on this specialized environment comes from clearing for development, ranching and farming, and directly from our urban lifestyles."

Guerrero lives in the San Bernardino Mountains and said, "I live in what is left of the North American wilderness. When visitors leave their trash it negatively impacts the homes of the animals. They don't think about it, but our daily actions really do matter. Simple efforts, like not throwing cigarette butts on the ground can impact our communities and other parts of the globe...”

Guerrero suggests ten simple steps to make every day an Earth Day:

1. Carry a trash bag when you travel and take home your waste.

2. Pick up any litter you see around you on walks and in your neighborhood.

3. Clean up after your pet on walks and trips.

4. Take public transportation, commute with a coworker, or ride a bike once a week.

5. Recycle your waste so you reduce trash buildup.

6. Reduce your use of throw away products.

7. Use old fashioned and less toxic cleaning solutions.

8. Plant native plant species in your garden.

9. Use electronic technology options to cut down or eliminate paper billing statements.

10. Take action to reduce junk mail.

Guerrero suggests the following resources for further information:

Ecological Footprint Quiz:


Invasive Plant Information: http://www.invasivespecies.gov

California Plant Info: http://www.cal-ipc.orgm, tncweeds.ucdavis.edu, http://www.cdfa.ca.gov,

Stop Junk Mail: http://www.obviously.com/junkmail/, http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs4-junk.htm,

Haley’s Handy Cleaning Hints: http://www.haleyshints.com


Guerrero is available for interviews.

What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality is published by SkyLight Paths Publishing, a division of Longhill Partners, Inc.

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