Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Hits Big With Howard Stern Fans

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Barely one month after being introduced on the Howard Stern Show, the world's first capsaicin based (hot pepper) nasal spray is proving to be a huge hit with Stern's fans. Testimonials have been pouring in from Stern fans who've had their lives changed by this all natural breakthrough that relieves chronic sinus, allergy, and headache symptoms.

Although The Sinus Buster has only been on the market for barely six months, it's fast becoming a household name for people with chronic allergies, sinus symptoms, and migraine headaches. This all natural nasal spray is the first of its' kind (made with natural capsicum hot pepper extract, and it's grabbing media attention at every turn.

The Sinus Buster has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and television newscasts around the country and the world. Back in March, the spray was plugged on the Howard Stern Show sending sales through the roof.

Now barely six weeks later, Stern fans are coming back in droves to buy more Sinus Buster, and they're spreading the word like wildfire according to Robert Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries, makers of The Sinus Buster nasal spray.

"Since the Stern thing, we've had hundreds of calls and emails from people thanking us for this product. This nasal spray is the first thing that's ever really worked for most of these poeple and I mean for everything from allergies to migraine headaches. We even have people using it to spray away their hangovers. The best thing is they're telling their friends. We've gotten several thousand orders from people who said they were told about the sinus buster from somebody who bought after hearing about it on the Howard Stern Show," says Haines.

Dave McGurgan, a Philadelphia area writer, heard about the Sinus Buster on Howard Stern too. After trying the spray, he was so impressed, McGurgan added the Sinus Buster to his website (

"After years of chronic sinus infections, ongoing pansinusitus (infection of all sinuses) and one uncomfortable and very bloody surgery, I decided to order some of the Sinus Buster nose spray for myself. Bottom line is it works for me and does offer some relief. Yes, it does sting when you spray it in your nose. I don't mind that. Hell, I kind of enjoy it," says McGurgan.

Stern listeners from every background have come forward to sing the praises of The Sinus Buster. SiCap officals say they've received scores of emails from people claiming the Sinus Buster has changed their lives.

"You name it, we get it. We get calls everyday from people telling us how amazed they are to find out our spray really stops headaches, and it relieves most any sinus related ailment. One lady that heard about it on Howard Stern called us to say it truly changed her husband's life. He was spending hundreds of dollars on all kinds of medications for his cluster headaches, and he was still suffering all the time. The first night he used the spray, he was in the middle of a cluster attack, and two squirts later he was sleeping like a baby for the first time in months. We have another woman who swears it's cured her chronic allergy symptoms for good. The list goes on and on. We have hundreds of testimonials covering everything from migraines to sinus infections. It's incredible that we have something that's helping so many people," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

SiCap officials also point out that 40% of their Howard Stern customers have already come back to buy multiple units of The Sinus Buster. And soon the Sinus Buster will be featured in several national television pieces, and several national magazines.

The Sinus Buster's lovefest with the media also extends far beyond America's borders. In fact, the UK edition of Reader's Digest is also running a piece on this unique nasal spray, and so are several television stations throughout Europe.

"It's spreading across the world now thanks to all the word of mouth advertising we get. The media loves this stuff because it really works. It's a real breakthrough for anyone who suffers from allergies, chronic sinus problems, and headaches. This stuff will stop a sinus headache in seconds. It really sells itself, but I sure do thank Howard Stern for letting us plug sinus buster on his show. We owe him big time, and we'll definitely be sinking some ad dollars into his show soon," adds Wayne Perry.

SiCap officials also pointed out that due to the customer demand for a larger bottle, the Sinus Buster is now in a larger bottle without the added cost. Starting today, the Sinus Buster will contain 15% more of the famous sinus soothing formula for the same low $9.99 price.

"It's our way of giving back to the customers. Our customers wanted a bigger bottle so we found them one. Not only is it bigger, but it's also got a better delivery system making our formula even more effective. We wanted to bring even more value to our customers without gouging them like some of the big pharmaceutical companies do. People rely on this product and they use it on a daily basis so we want to reward them for their product loyalty, and give them even more bang for their buck. It's as simple as that. A bigger bottle without the bigger dollars. We also started offering quantity discounts and distributor kits since so many people were begging us to do it," says Wayne Perry.

Learn more about the Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray at( For media inquiries, contact SiCap Industries directly through the contact information provided with this article.

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