Cure For The Common Cold Is Discovered. Colds, Fevers, Flu, Cough and Bronchial Infections Can Be Cured Or Even Prevented With These New Discoveries

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Recent clinical research has identified several substances that effectively cure colds and reduce the number of colds that occur. Double blind studies and clinical research show that these substances are effective cold fighters and/or cold curers. Several of these reduced cold symptoms and/or cured the cold within 24 hours or less. Full report at

– Most doctors will tell you that there is no cure for the common cold and that no matter what your course of action you will probably have cold symptoms for at least 10 days or longer. Doctors will cite that there is no such thing as a common cold, since viruses mutate so quickly and are therefore usually always different. However, recent clinical research and numerous double blind studies seem to indicate quite a different story regarding the ability of certain substances to profoundly stop colds and/or symptoms in very short periods of time. Some of these substances appear to work within 24 hours or less.

In other words, there are several different substances that have been shown clinically to significantly end cold symptoms and/or cure colds. A recent double-blind study in England found that a single natural substance could cut the incidence of colds to one third each year, so if you usually have three colds a year, you will have only one while taking this substance. This same substance greatly shortened the recovery time for most colds. Another study found that yet another substance killed virtually all cold-causing viruses on contact and could stop cold symptoms of certain colds in 24 hours or less. Another herbal formula developed and used by the famous herbalist Dr. Edward Shook was found to have been more than 90 percent effective by Dr. shook in instilling quick recovery from colds and fevers. A mechanical device was also found to effectively help to prevent colds and their duration. Full report is available at

Scott West MBA MS has written a book (The Absolute Cure For The Common Cold) detailing all of these effective common-cold remedies with sources, research and references, so anyone can now access this revolutionary information. Imagine how effectively someone could combat colds by using one or more of the multiple remedies mentioned in “The Absolute Cure For The Common Cold.” West earned a masters degree in health and did doctoral work in this area. For more information on this ground-breaking research go to:

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