Aphrodisiacs, Pheromones, Sex, Libido Enhancers That Really Work: New Book Reveals Cutting Edge Research

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"The World's Greatest Aphrodisiacs" by Scott West MBA MS provides a meticulous presentation of new cutting edge research about the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs known to modern man and sources where many of these are readily available. This new release reveals the bottom line on recent discoveries, aphrodisiacs, pheromones, sex and libido research. West's book is on sale at http://www.rockandrollusa.com/aphrodisiacs.htm

For the first time, a meticulous presentation of cutting edge research about the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs known to modern man. You can have exclusive access to this guarded information and the insider sources of these aphrodisiacs. The secrets in “The World’s Greatest Aphrodisiacs” are worth millions in the marketplace.

West's book is on sale at http://www.rockandrollusa.com/aphrodisiacs.htm

There is perhaps no subject that humans spend more time, money, energy and effort on than the pursuit of sex and intimacy. Humans have been searching for effective Aphrodisiacs for hundreds of thousands of years and there is possibly more misinformation, hype and unsubstantiated claims surrounding this topic, than any other.

But now there are proven results, real solutions, new technology and secret sources that can be fully substantiated with reliable clinical data, double-blind studies and proven scientific research. With current scientific evidence it is possible to identify the mechanisms and even aphrodisiacs that do work and work incredibly well.

Three researchers have even received the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering some of these. The World's Greatest Aphrodisiacs reveals the substance that triggers the immediate-libido response in both men and women, as well as other substances that stimulate the body's production of this substance. Do you know what newly discovered substance can activate the human-sex-hormone response like crazy? Do you know what form all of these substances have to be in to work? Do you know what other substances can trip these responses. Do you know where to get these?

“The World’s Greatest Aphrodisiacs” shows you the exact substances that are most powerful and provides you with sources and contacts for these powerful Aphrodisiacs. This listing of insider sources, newly discovered aphrodisiacs and recent research makes this report invaluable and cutting edge. The FDA has not evaluated nor endorsed the research in this guide.

Find out:

1. Find out the aphrodisiac beverages that lower inhibitions as much as alcohol, but extends the inhibition-lowered window ten to twenty times longer or more.

2. Find out the newly discovered male and female aphrodisiac that acts as the signal molecule in orgasm. This aphrodisiac literally causes female engorgement (female erection) and the lubrication (vagina) with the precise hormonal surges that precipitate orgasm in men and women. It also causes erection and hormonal surging in men. We reveal where to buy a cream packed with the cofactors for this signal molecule--that when applied can literally cause the hormonal cascade that leads to orgasm. The power of this orgasm agent on males and females dwarfs the power of pheromones or any other aphrodisiac! We reveal where to buy this powerful libido and orgasm-creator.

3. Find out the legendary aphrodisiac of all aphrodisiacs, which was outlawed by the Romans, because of its reputed overpowering effect on women. The odor of this plant is believed to have been too compelling to resist and was blamed for the orgies and social upheaval in ancient Rome. Some historians claim that the Romans eradicated all of this plant to restore social order, but most believe that it was simply

harvested to extinction (in Rome) because of its incredible power. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus mentioned that this incredible aphrodisiac was so powerful that it allowed up to 70 consecutive acts of intercourse. We reveal this amazing plant in our book and identify its relative that acts like a calming aphrodisiac and pheromone on females. It has been theorized by scientists that this plant contained a substance similar to the sex-hormone triggering substance mentioned in number two, which is why some Roman historians said it was singularly responsible for the orgies and rampant sex of ancient Rome.

4. Find out which pheromones really work and why, but more importantly which ones don't. Without this guide's information, pheromones can be a waste of time and money. We include citations of recent groundbreaking clinical (double-blind studies) research. We

show you how and where to get pheromones at incredible prices. Often for pennies on the dollar of online websites' and EBAY prices. We also show you aphrodisiacs that make pheromones look ineffective in comparison.

5. Find out the aphrodisiac herbs, aphrodisiac liqueurs and other aphrodisiacs that can double, triple, quadruple, or more likely raise a normal woman's sex drive by ten-fold or more. These really work and have clinical studies to prove them. Many buyers of our guide report that their spouses have to stop taking these aphrodisiacs at their insistence. Be careful what you wish for!

6. Induce the feeling of infatuation! Find out the amazing aphrodisiac that spikes the "BIG THREE" neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, PEA, and L-Dopamine). These are the same three that are spiked when we feel completely infatuated or deeply in love. You can induce these same deep emotional feelings on the neurotransmitter level with this incredible aphrodisiac, but only if taken in the form that we mention. We show you exactly where to get this "instant infatuation" aphrodisiac in its proper form.

7. We show you where to get the male aphrodisiac that creates virtual "instant libido" and is so powerful that it can cause erections that last 24 hours or longer. Be sure to follow the directions with this one.

8. This guide discusses the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs in the world and shows you where to get them. We know of no other source of this information, plus we provide the clinical documentation and mechanisms. This information may give our readers an unfair advantage.

9. Find out the foods, beverages, substances, and essential aphrodisiacs that magnify and/or create human libido.

10. Learn how to program and trigger the Pavlovian cues for libido and sexual response.

11. This book isn't about how to meet men or women, or how to seduce them. This book simply offers a practical discussion of the physiological agents that literally create, instill, instigate, trigger and/or cause sex-drive, libido, sexual function, and orgasm.

12. Learn which foods to use for that perfect aphrodisiac meal. We show you how to stack the deck in your favor. We show you how and where to get pheromones at incredible prices. Often for pennies on the dollar of online websites' and EBAY prices. We also show you aphrodisiacs that make pheromones look ineffective in comparison.

The release of this groundbreaking research in one concatenated source makes “The world’s Greatest Aphrodisiacs” an invaluable resource.

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"Scott West has a superior understanding of the pharmacology of modern

and traditional aphrodisiacs. His magical report 'The World's Greatest Aphrodisiacs' is indispensable for those wondering which Aphrodisiacs really work; how they work and where to get them. West is able to make a very complex topic very easy to understand, and the book is enlightening, reliable and fun! If I'd only had this information 30 years ago."

Carric Durran

Literary Critic

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