A 'Rough Draft' is Published as a Brand New Novel

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Author Charles J. Sloat has published his first novel "The Hope Chest - By Arthur Meds." It is the story of a bad fictional writer's attempt at writing a good fictional story - and failing.

In his 294 page humorous novel “The Hope Chest - By Arthur Meds”, Charles Sloat presents the rough draft of a fictional novel by a fictional author.

The premise is clever and well executed. The book is full of charm, wit, humor, and “an almost obscene fondness for small furry woodland creatures.”

The story of “The Hope Chest” is the story of a man, Maxwell Alexander Noiton, and the events in his life that lead him to frequent a quiet pub tucked away down an empty alley. At least that is the way the final version of the story reads. The original draft isn’t as straightforward.

According to the preface written by a fictitious and enigmatic character named Michael Wallace Ellinglsy, after Arthur Meds death, the original manuscript for his novel “The Hope Chest” was found in a diaper bag in Chicago. Since the draft contained a rough version of the final story along with marginal notes and parenthetical comments, an unscrupulous company published the draft in its raw unedited form in order to make a quick and easy profit.

When asked to explain the novel, Charles Sloat said, “The book was an experiment designed to break down the barriers between the writer and his audience. The reader is allowed to watch a novel unfold as its author struggles to tell his simple story. Scenes are abandoned. Characters are introduced and forgotten. Three men are stranded in a boat where they find a kazoo, argue about the existence of God, and try to find the meaning of life.”

At its core, it is the story of a person struggling through adversity – and failing.

One reviewer stated, “This is fantastic, I don’t remember ever hurting from laughing so much. If you ever read Douglas Adams ‘Hitch-hiker’s Guide’, with it’s totally pointless hilarious statements, then you will love this, if you haven’t then pass on the ‘Guide’ and go straight to ‘The Hope Chest.’ I have bought the download, because I didn’t want to wait three weeks to read the rest!”

The book is available for sale through Lulu Enterprises for $14.95 at http://books.lulu.com/content/46418 and is available at http://amazon.com and http://barnesandnoble.com (ISBN 1411606280). It is also available as an E-Book in PDF format for immediate download.

Charles Sloat is a New York native and resident of Westchester County. He is a mechanical engineer by degree and a high school math teacher by trade. His hobbies include fire sitting, cliff jumping, tornado calling, street licking, rock bashing, car lifting, bear taunting, and any one of a dozen similar, but equally pointless, activities. He used to like bowling, but doesn’t anymore. He can be reached at arthurmeds@arthurmeds.com and maintains a web site at http://www.arthurmeds.com.

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