"Confess All" Website Rates 14 Points Higher Than Television's American Idol - Critics Stunned

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-- For those who succumb to life's little indiscretions and temptations (and let's face it, who hasn't), the Church of St Logical in Alabama could offer the easy way out. Avoid future responsibility for all your sins and still find redemption, simply by confessing the sins of somebody else. Confess for friends, neighbors or work colleagues. Almost anybody you know (or don't know) will do......Read this success story here.....

For many years, Father O'Reilly's only desire was to make the world a better place. On December 24th 2003, and during what can only be described as a visitation from a higher being, his prayers began to be answered - Father O'Reilly received a commandment to create a revolutionary new website “www .repent.now “.

Father O'Reilly was confused - he didn't know that http://www. repent.now could be created - after all it wasn’t even a “.com”. However, the higher being (whose wisdom is of course infinite) already knew that dotWORLDS has now released a very large range of potential domain names to the Internet (including domain names that you can create yourself). And so, in the early hours of 25 December 2003, with a little bit of help from above, "http://www. repent.now" was born. On the first day, there were only the two founder creators, but by the end of the sixth day, membership had reached a miraculous 2 billion. "I've had more confessions in the past 24 hours than in the last ten years", says Father O'Reilly. "The world really has become a better place". When questioned about the possible implications of inaccurate reporting or even malicious gossip, Father O'Reilly replied, "I trust my flock and anyway, I don't allow hearsay except mid-week and only then under special circumstances".

Each day, confessions of other people’s transgressions flood in and are posted (anonymously) on the new website    Each week the most popular sinner gets a new car and an all expenses paid holiday to Tahiti (after being hung upside down without food for 5 days in their nearest local jail as punishment). This weeks winner is Mikey Stickley, age 11, who sold five of his mum’s Armani jackets to buy pornographic magazines (Mikey's friends needed the silk jackets to polish their skateboards without scratching them). Disappointingly, because of his age, Mikey will probably escape the jail sentence. Unfortunately for Mikey, this also means he won’t be going to Tahiti either.

Even the Television Networks appear to have got in on the act. Secret negotiations are underway with NBC for the rights to a 24/7 live broadcast of Father O'Reilly's website and a new interactive channel is to be set up in 17 different languages. Indeed, Microsoft may incorporate Father O'Reilly's system into their Outlook Express whereby confessional style mail accounts can be created automatically. The wholly (holy) untraceable accounts would offer Internet users the ability to provide vital information on other sinners to Father O' Reilly immediately, as they happen, and without the inconvenience of revealing the identity of the writer.

So get with the program and you too could embarrass your friends into a higher state of grace and at the same time get them a car and a free trip to Tahiti (and who knows, maybe they'll take you on holiday with them). Go to http://www.dotworlds.net today, join the growing band of converts and get there FIRST!

dotWORLDS (http://www.dotworlds.net) building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names completely free to encourage more users to come aboard. Some of the totally free domain names currently on offer are ".cool", ".music" ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get these free domain names, simply visit http://www.dotworlds.net and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list

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