Establishment Fighting Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Presence

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Doctrine of denial and non-disclosure is at odds with lay citizen's need to know. Area 51 Microbiologist, Dan Burisch story could impel long overdue change.

by Sterling D. Allan

Greater Things News Service

GAITHERSBURG, MD (PRWEB) April 27, 2004--When President Harry S. Truman learned of the mutilations and abductions being done by extraterrestrials visiting our planet, he was involved in setting in place a doctrine of stringent secrecy, non-disclosure and denial regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials, according to several researchers who presented at the recent X-Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He did this lest there be panic and mass hysteria when the lay populous learned of what was happening in their midst. Very few have been allowed into the inside circles of those who have official custody of these secrets as well as who have ongoing interaction with the extraterrestrial beings and their technology. A one-way ticket from mortality has sometimes been the penalty for unauthorized disclosure from within.

The associated doctrine of ridicule and political suicide has been so effective that now, more than half a century later, despite reams of evidence published widely to the contrary, the official word remains the same: there are no extraterrestrials who visit our planet, and anyone who says otherwise is a kook, not fit for serious consideration.

In the past few years, the veil of secrecy has seen increasingly larger holes form with information leaks occurring with greater frequency and scope due to factions from within who believe the world needs to know about these developments. At this point, the proportion of those on the inside who are pro-disclosure is approaching a majority. The arguments for disclosure are winning over arguments for non-disclosure.

Because one of the prevailing arguments for non-disclosure is to retain control over the information and maintain a status quo elitist coterie, that faction is holding tenaciously with no intention of relinquishing. They are addicted to their power, and they refuse to let go. Because of the superior level of knowledge and intelligence available to them, they wield tremendous control over the entire planet. Yet even some formerly of that faction are being converting to pro-disclosure. The elitist stance lacks the moral foundation required to win in the end.

One of the strongest arguments for disclosure is that the technologies involved should be made available to the public. These include energy generation technologies that do not require the use of fossil fuels and other polluting and depleting sources of energy. Every home could have its own power generator, drawing from the inexhaustible and free sea of energy that surrounds us. "The world's hunger problems could be solved in a decade," predicted Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project.

Probably the most compelling argument for disclosure is the human element of coming face to face with a realization that we are not alone in the universe, and that beings from surrounding star systems are visiting us and have an interest in the affairs of our planet, ranging from selfish and hostile to benevolent and friendly. The cultural exchange promises to challenge and enrich generations to come.

Some of these extraterrestrials are purported to be here to influence the outcome of a pending time of catastrophic events on Earth. Like the Europeans who became involved in the birthing of America in its founding Revolution, these extraterrestrials are vying for this or that outcome in the shaping of our planet as an emerging member of a galactic interactive community.

Meanwhile, the official and purposely deceptive position of the powers-that-be is that no extraterrestrials interact with planet Earth. A growing number of people and organizations who deeply resent this condescending, elitist approach insist on official disclosure now. They argue that the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, and people need to know the full scope of what we face as a civilization so we can rally together and respond as a united people.

Some hope that foreign press exposure of the duplicity could help bring pressure to bear on the hypocritical stance of the Western establishment.

Polls show that more than 70% of Americans believe that extraterrestrials visit Earth, yet so effective has been the doctrine of ridicule through the past several dozen years that few dare to cross the line and be counted publicly as one who has been convinced of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

Nevertheless, thousands are stepping forward and giving testimony, including former military, political, and media personnel. Still, despite the ever growing stack of evidence, the official dogma of denial remains defiantly in place.

A recent development illustrates this phenomenon, and its momentum could serve to overturn the official dogma.

Area 51 Microbiologist, Dr. Dan Burisch, who worked with designer viruses and who worked on a living J-rod extraterrestrial for one year, is seeking a Congressional hearing where he can tell all. A press release dated April 8, circulated by, was immediately picked up by thousands of web sites, yet as of the time of this writing, not one mainstream news service has carried the story. The press release purports that Burisch incorporated a "signature" nucleotide sequence in a designer virus that can be brought forth as unequivocal evidence to prove his involvement in a black-ops biowarfare project.

As of April 25, a Google search for "area 51 microbiologist" returned more than 6,000 web pages containing this phrase that was coined in the April 8 press release. The story has been covered on George Noory's Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, Lou Gentile, and other leading talk shows. Meanwhile, a Google News search returns only two results, one of which is the original press release via The second is a follow-up press release by the same individuals who composed the first press release.

Dr. Dan Burisch was mentioned by at least six presenters at the well-attended X-conference in Gaithersburg. He is becoming the poster-child of the movement.

When Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, was approached on April 19 about giving Dr. Burisch a Congressional hearing, he replied on April 22 that no such hearing would be given now, nor ever, saying (according to staff member) that "UFOs and ETs will never be the topic of a Congressional hearing." The staff member said that the decision was made without consulting the documentary materials provided, including Greer's book: "Disclosure." A request that at least one staff member listen to the one-hour tape by Greer from the X-conference was declined.

A petition posted to urge Senator Hatch to give Dr. Burisch a Congressional hearing has garnered nearly 100 signatures with addresses and phone numbers in the first few days of being posted. Hatch's office said that no amount of materials or pressure would persuade them to change their decision.

Greer says that his organization is prepared to provide a venue for such a hearing, if Congress is not courageous enough to do so. Greer says that because the laws for secrecy on this matter were illegally drafted, that the NSA oath that binds Dr. Burisch (and others) is nullified. This Constitutionally-supported stance has spurred hundreds of deep-throat witnesses to come forward.



Much of the information contained in this press release was obtained at the X-Conference held at Washington, D.C. April 17-18, 2004, organized by Stephen Bassett.
(Tapes and Videos available)


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