Floating Bodies from the Fourth Dimension

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New internet video shows dancing sculptures from 4D mathematical space; Computer artist Vincent Stahl takes his Fractal Surrealism into a new medium.

According to latest theories, our universe has more than three dimensions. But is there a way to look into higher-dimensional spaces? Maybe not directly - but if we reverse the process, we could take a virtual object out of there, reduce it back into our 3D world, and then look at this. At least that's the approach that Vincent Stahl, computer artist from Germany, is taking in his images of the New Fractal Surrealism.

The foundation for this isn't myth, but math - actually a formula invented by French mathematician Gaston Julia, in the early 20th century. It describes a mathematical object which can be visualized; in the 1970's, IBM mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot used this process to create 2D images. Today, the latest software generation allows to create 4D hyperspace objects, from which a small portion, or slice, is taken - resulting in a 3D form.

Vincent Stahl is the first artist worldwide using this process in a professional manner. His sculptures are embedded within wide, silent landscapes, creating a unique surreal atmosphere. Every form is based on a set of input numbers, and by modifying those numbers, the form permutates - a principle made to create the most surreal short movies. This gives a real "look and feel" of the beauty and infinite complexity that 4D Fractal forms provide. His first internet movie, "Liquid faces", is now available for instant viewing:


"We're only at the beginning", states the artist, "it still is a matter of computing power, and the rendering takes quite a while. But with faster computers and future software, more and more artists and designers will explore the richness and beauty of Fractal forms taken from hyperspace." Within a few decades, the sculptures will be produced in real metal, and placed in public parks; industrial design will benefit from the strict symmetry and streamlines. Therefore, most of Stahl's images could be considered as a straight view into the future. The online gallery of Stahl's still images is available at:


Vincent Stahl is a computer artist located in Germany, producing surreal images, movies, electronic music, and interactive web presentations. Most of his art products are available through CafePress in San Leandro, California. Further media material, especially images suitable for printing, is available online at http://vincentstahl.com/press/ . For more information, or to schedule an interview, please E-Mail to info@VincentStahl.com or call +49-170-1687976.

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