The Jesus Nebula - Hubble Space Telescope Images the Face of Jesus Christ

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New cameras in the Hubble Space Telescope image a likeness of the face of Jesus. Located in a cluster of nearby stars that astronomers call NGC 2264, a Florida Christian congregation discovers the face of Jesus.

Inquiries from Christians worldwide are pouring in to Sky Image Lab ( concerning a recent Hubble Space Telescope image.

James Turley, Managing Editor of Sky Image Lab, a publisher of scientific astronomy images from the great astronomical observatories, was puzzled by the sudden surge of orders for a Hubble Space Telescope image called the Cone Nebula.

"I was curious when we took an order for over 100 Cone Nebula images. The customer told us to look for the face of Jesus Christ embedded in the pillars. She called the Hubble image the 'Jesus Nebula'. Being scientists, we were skeptical, at first. " says Mr. Turley.

The Jesus Nebula, called the Cone Nebula by astronomers, was released by the Hubble Space Science Institute on April 30, 2002 ( to showcase a new extremely high resolution camera. The new camera was installed on Hubble by astronauts during a shuttle mission in March 2002, the fourth Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission.

Astronomers have described the Cone Nebula, located in the constellation Monoceros, as a region containing cones, pillars, and majestic flowing shapes that abound in stellar nurseries where natal clouds of gas and dust are buffeted by energetic winds from nurseries of newborn stars.

Similar to the famous Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula, a 1996 Hubble release, the Cone Nebula provides a breathtaking visual testament to the power and beauty of creation.

"Many of us take inspiration from the heavens in different ways" says Mr. Turley, who is a trained astronomical observer. "We all looked at this lovely image and were stunned that, indeed, we could see the likeness of Jesus Christ."

To view the Jesus Nebula and be inspired also, see

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