Put Down the Prozac - Pursue Purpose - 5 Ways to Find Your Calling and Bypass Midlife Meltdown

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Ask this expert... *What is a Â?callingÂ?? Does everybody have one? *What are 5 ways to Live a Life That Matters Â? at any age? *When is midlife? *Who else do you know that has Discovered Their Calling at Midlife? *Why is world peace your calling? *What's it Like living on the Road in your Â?PeacemobileÂ?? *Who was Peace Pilgrim?

– Many of America’s 75 million-plus baby boomers face what used is commonly called a midlife crisis – a panicky feeling that life is passing them by. But midlife expert Viki Hurst, author of Let It Begin with You, argues that midlife meltdowns are uncommon to those who discover and embrace their life's calling. “Some of us don’t until midlife that we have been called to do great things, things that will really matter after we’re gone,” she says.

Hurst indicates that an increasing number of midlifers are discovering their life purpose and striving every day to make an even bigger difference. “Those who are willing to do deep assessment, take risks and make changes often bypass midlife meltdowns altogether,” she says. Pursuing purpose is key to missing that midlife crisis. A baby boomer herself, Hurst has embraced her own calling to the role of peacemaker.

She sold nearly everything she owned earlier this year and will soon embark on a nationwide tour by motor home in May to promote world peace. She’s never been happier. Viki realizes that HER calling for world peace is not necessarily common. Not everyone is called to take a pilgrimage or promote world peace, says Hurst. “Knowing what you are called to do in this lifetime gives you greater peace of mind than Prozac, cosmetic surgery, extravagant toys, or any of the other lengths people go to when enduring a midlife crisis.”

Here Hurst shares five ways you can find your calling at midlife:

1. Contemplate. Take long walks. Meditate. Listen for your still, small voice.

2. Assess deeply. Identify your talents, longings, gifts and skills.

3. Align your values. Define what’s important to you and compare the list to how you’re living your life.

4. Develop a vision. Visualization techniques are effective, along with creative processes like poetry-writing, collages or singing.

5. Just do it. You may think that what you are being called to do is risky. Do it anyway!

Find out if YOU have an inner calling!

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