appearance. Neale Sourna, Cleveland, Ohio USA author of HOBBLE, on Garfield HTS author of HOBBLE, on Dolores Thornton’s AuthorsFirst Show November 17, 8pm EST. Tony Kay's show July 20 at 8pm EST and Dolores Thornton’s AuthorsFirst Show July 13, 2/3pm EST, June 16. On Maxine Thompson's Lit Program "On the Same Page",, May 11 & 25, and June 29, 2004.

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I will be on Tony Kay's Show on Garfield HTS author of HOBBLE, on Dolores Thornton’s AuthorsFirst Show November 17, 8pm EST. July 20 at 8pm EST and Dolores Thornton's AuthorsFirst Show on internet radio July 12 at 2/3pm EST; June 16 at 8pm EST at and Maxine Thompson's "On the Same Page" at to discuss my novel HOBBLE [An Adult Fiction], writing, publishing, spiritual erotica and more. Do check the schedule and the link to ArtistFirst's site and Max’s site, I'll be on with her May 11, May 25, and June 29. Showtime is 9am EST/6am PST Tuesdays, rerun at 4pm EST/1pm PST Saturdays. Do tune in, call in, email in, and hear the voice that goes with the written page. Hear you there. --Neale Sourna

Midwest USA [Cleveland, Ohio] Cleveland, OH Author Neale Sourna "backed" into adult novel writing--usually romantic spiritual erotica [actually, there is no specific genre name yet]--with self-prescribed short story (see Neale-- Hesitation", PLAYGIRL) exercises for TV and feature scripts.

Neale, who shares the Marquis deSade's birthday, has administrative experience in various fields: banking (JPMorgan Chase), accounting (Ernst & Young), engineering; live theatre production (CK Rickel Theatre, Painesville OH), live theatre box office (Playhouse Square Theatre Center); cinema management (Hoyts Cinemas 11, The Cleveland Film Festival); art painting and set design; music (voice, French Horn, piano, theory, harmony); erotic modeling [If you spot any of these shots anywhere, email us. They still owe us.]; retail sales and artistic merchandising; and even microgravity research, is a former script coverage reader for Willard Rodgers' National Writers Workshop, and is a Founding and continuing Advisory Board Member for "Creative Screenwriting Journal".

Neale attended/graduated: Roosevelt Elementary, Garfield Heights, Ohio, USA; Cranwood Elementary, Cleveland, Ohio; Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Ohio; Wiener Hochschulkurse, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; Mount Vernon College, Washington DC; Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio--Bachelor of Performance Fine Arts [Theatre Production, Music Theory and Performance, Photography, Painting]; American University, Washington DC--Film and Video Graduate School [Screenwriting: Writing, Criticism, and Analysis, Cleveland Film Society's Cleveland Filmmakers courses in Film Production; and various writing, production, and film philosophy studies with Michael Hague, Dov Siemens, Stephen Simon, and from every book, newspaper, online print read; film, television or theatre show seen, and every conversation held. And every voice Neale's ever heard by ear, by heart, or by our sixth sense.

Read more at Interview: Jan 2003 by Jordan Duke of ScriptCLEVELAND.

In HOBBLE, half Native American (Peruvian-Incan/Mexican-Mayan/European) Bennet Gillespie is a master controller, a brilliantly intuitive, licensed healer, who’s spiritually burned out when he, not so accidentally, trips over Day, a knife-happy, African American “innocent” with severely damaged ankles, on the beach of Virginia Beach. The distraught, homicidally insane, child-woman is the “property” of her legal guardian, elderly rich Brit, Hopkins. When Benn’s exceptional med skills help him to temporarily move in, he becomes immediately involved in a compulsive, open affair with fragile-minded beauty Day, who initiates an immoral bargain with the elder Hopkins for Benn’s continued residency. Many more calculating bargains will be struck by all three—some open, some secret, some lovingly deceptive, or just outrightly vile. All leading to Benn’s the vital, final choice of whether to send the impetuously unstable young woman back to prison, for the criminally insane, or....

HOBBLE is a Dark, Passionate, Disturbing Tale of Exhilarating Sensuality by Northeast Ohio [Cleveland OH] Native Neale Sourna -- Adult Fiction, American English, 291 pgs, Trade Paperback; also ebooks: Adobe Reader, MS Reader [Palm coming]. Published by Infinity Publishing and PIE: Perception Is Everything

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Neale Sourna's HOBBLE—Black Refer Review review by Delores Thornton

“Hobble” by Neale Sourna

“Hobble” is a story of lust and obsessive sex. Caught up in this engaging threesome is a Native American surgeon, Bennet Gillespie, a sensuous African-American childlike woman, Day (who always poses a threat to herself), and Hopkins, her British (gentleman?) legal guardian.

One day Bennet (Benn) stumbles over the lovely Day, at a beach location. Immediately drawn to her, he develops a sexual attraction. He eventually moves in with her and her demanding guardian, who is also sexually involved with her. Hopkins rescued Day from a hospital for the criminally insane, where she was being abused. But, to stay out, she must submit to his unreasonable advances.

When Benn arrives Day finds his strong, young body much more appealing! Hopkins knows that he can’t compete, so he makes a deal with Benn. Benn is to deliver Day to Hopkin’s bed, whenever he wants her. Hopkins goes so far as to write this in his will. If Benn does as he is instructed, Day becomes his, along with everything that Hopkins owns. If, on the other hand, Benn doesn’t keep his end of the bargain, Day goes back to the institution.

I was so moved by this tale that I went back to my (Franklin) dictionary to see if Sourna had different ideas when she decided on the name hobble, which means to limp along. And indeed, I discovered that hobble could also mean; to impede in moving, progressing, or acting freely, to tie-up, shackle or leash. How clever of Sourna, all of the definitions were used in this steamy story, of sex, incest and betrayal!

Highly recommended!

July 2003


[Fiction / Explicit / Dark Adult Fiction / Dark Sensual Romance / Erotica / Dark Romantic Erotica / Romantica™ / Psychological Erotica / Spiritual Erotica / Multiracial / Interracial]


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