Brownstone Builders Historic Novel Follows Family’s Adventure and the Secret of a New Land

An Innocent perusal of the local newspaper leads to a mysterious adventure for Michael and Ruth Delarmar in the new novel, Brownstone Builders (now available through 1st Books or AuthorHouse) by Mervin H. Dochterman.

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (PRWEB) April 29, 2004

An Innocent perusal of the local newspaper leads to a mysterious adventure for Michael and Ruth Delarmar in the new novel, Brownstone Builders (now available through 1st Books) by Mervin H. Dochterman.

The Delarmars stumble upon a personal advertisement seeking descendants of Hugh E. Jones and his family of Brownstone Builders from Wales. Elizabeth Jones, a 90-year old descendant of the family, is hoping another relative can help her find the body of Hugh’s wife, Katherine, and her ledgers detailing the family’s journey from Wales to the new world. Elizabeth also believes that Katherne’s ledgers contain information of great importance to mankind that may be buried somewhere on the Jones’ land.

Elizabeth puts her trust in Michael Delarmar, who believes he is a descendant of the Jones family. Michael is deeded the Jones’ 18 century home and brownstone quarry on the banks of the Shining River,

Dubbed “Land of the Beginning” by local Indians of the time. Michael and Ruth begin their exploration and soon uncover a historic tale of epic proportions.

Dochterman whisks readers back to a time in America when immigrants settled new territory despite the dangers of rugged land and Indians who fought to keep it safe. He used historically accurate details to create the thrilling story of the Jones family, builders of brownstone empire that supplied materials for the powerful French Fort de Chartres, Kaskaskia, first capital of the Illinois territory, and other towns along the Mississippi River. The family’s adventure follow them up and down the river and even to the seas. As if the dangers of travel aren’t enough, the family closes in on extraordinary secrets that lie beneath the surface of their beloved land.

Dochterman was born near the Mississippi River in southern Illinois, not far from the location in Brownstone Builders. He lived there until his teenage years, when his family moved to Iowa. He now resides in Iowa with his wife of 53 years. Dochterman first worked in manufacturing as a machinist, eventually becoming manager and CEO of several businesses. He now is retired and pursues his passion for history and writing.

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Main Gate Fort de Chartres Main Gate Fort de Chartres

This is the main gate of Fort de Chartres as it appears today. The Fort built by the French and brought the Jones family to the new world in the novel Brownstone Builders.

Kaskaskia Bell Kaskaskia Bell

All that remains at the site of the French Town of Kaskaskia on the Mississippi River, is this 650lb. bell given to the towns people in 1741 by the King of France. This town played an important part in the novel Brownstone Builders.

Brownstone Builders- Book cover Brownstone Builders- Book cover

This is the book cover for the Novel Brownstone Builders. High quality Trade paper back 352 pages printed and spaced for your reading enjoyment. 5 X 8inches.