Castus Low Carb Superstores Surpass the '50 Stores Sold' Mark

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100 Castus Low Carb Superstores are scheduled to open this year, and the emphasis remains in educating America on how to properly follow a low carb lifestyle.

Castus Low Carb Superstores, America’s largest and fastest growing low carb retail chain, celebrated the sale of its’ 50th store to Carpenter-Turner Inc., a franchise operator in Pittsburg, California. The acquisition concluded a 2nd for Carpenter-Tuner, who purchased a Castus franchise back in May of 2003.

While Castus has rapidly expanded into the retailer category, their focus remains in educational programs that teach the ‘how’s and why’s’ of the Low Carb Lifestyle. In keeping with this commitment, the firm’s CEO, Rick Schott, has counseled more than 10,000 consumers through Castus Low Carb Workshops. Schott points out that as many as 90 per cent of customers who have read books on the science of low carb still do not understand the basic principles of low carb eating.

The informative workshop covers key points such as insulin response, nutritional supplements, correctly adding carbohydrates back into the diet, and how to overcome weight-loss plateaus

In response to the Surgeon General’s ‘Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity,’ the firm also plans to launch Obesity Workshops for children, and deliver special training programs throughout the U.S.

“We still have a lot of work to do from the standpoint of educating not only the American populace about controlled carb diets, but also nutritionists and the medical community itself,” says Schott.

“That means we need to work diligently as an industry to continue to demystify the subject of controlled carb diets. That also means we need to ensure the products distributed as low carb, ‘stay true’ per the definition of low carb, and do not contain corn syrups or fillers that aren’t acceptable for low carb diet programs. “These are not low carb products, and will only curtail weight loss in individuals,” notes Schott.

“The bottom line is that we need to keep the integrity of the product line in check and follow the guidelines set forth by the physicians who established the rules; the late Dr. Robert Atkins, and Dr.’s Mike and Mary Dan Eades.”

One-Hundred U.S. Castus Low Carb Superstores are scheduled to open this year. Overall expansion plans call for 5,000 International retail outlets by 2008.

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