Sex Orgasms Cause Real Headaches for Some Unlucky Lovers

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Everyone loves sex Â? even those who canÂ?t admit it. But for some people, sexual activity can be a real headache. ItÂ?s known as an Â?orgasmic headacheÂ?, and it can make Â?getting luckyÂ? seem ironically unlucky. Thankfully, there may be a way to beat sex headaches, and the key appears to be hot peppers.

We’ve all heard of chronic migraine headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, and even stress headaches, but have you ever heard of “sex headaches”? Although researchers say only a small percentage of the population experience sex headaches, there are an estimated half million Americans suffering from this affliction. Sex headaches come in two classes -- (harmless and serious).

The best known, and most common sex headache is the “benign coital headache” which tends to occur on a regular basis during or after sex. The “benign coital headache” is also commonly known as the “orgasmic headache”. This is a relatively harmless headache with no known long term effects. Sufferers describe this type of headache as “pulsating with a lot of pressure from the top of the head down toward the eyes”. Although this headache may be medically benign, it’s certainly a hardship for people who suffer from this condition.

The second type is the severe "new onset" headache which happens during sex. This is generally a first time headache, which the patients characterize as “the worst headache of their lives”. This type of sex headache is believed to be vascular in nature, and could be the warning sign of a serious medical emergency. With this type of headache, a sudden rupture of a cerebral blood vessel can occur causing bleeding of the brain which can lead to a stroke or even death. The "new onset" headache is extremely rare, and can also occur with any other strenuous activity such as exercise. Such a headache is often due to an acute brain hemorrhage or other serious condition that may go undiagnosed until there’s a problem. So if you suffer from any “new onset” sex headache that’s extremely painful, it’s important to consult a physician and make sure there’s not some kind of life threatening condition behind the symptoms.

While the benign headache usually begins as a dull pain that starts prior to orgasm, the more serious headache has a sudden effect, often described as a "thunderclap" headache that occurs within seconds of orgasm. Fortunately, the vast majority of all sex headaches are related to the “benign coital headache,” and are not life threatening. Although they are definitely “life altering” since sex is the one of the most important things any human being can experience.

Until recently, modern medicine has found no real answers regarding benign sex headaches. Sufferers tend to struggle through with only minimal relief from ordinary over the counter pain medications. But now there’s an all natural product that claims to be the saving grace for a "headache free" sex life, and the secret appears to come from hot peppers.

For the past six months, the medical community has been buzzing about a brand new all natural nasal spray made with a natural hot pepper extract known as “oleoresin capsicum”. It’s main active ingredient, “capsaicin” is known to blast away chronic headaches such as migraines and clusters. The product is called “The Sinus Buster,” and it’s the worlds’ first hot pepper based nasal spray. Aside from relieving migraines, clusters, and sinus headaches, the Sinus Buster is also gaining a big reputation for relieving many major sinus and allergy symptoms without the use of man made chemicals.

To date, there are more than 200 people claiming the Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray stops and prevents their sex headaches within seconds. The Sinus Buster is made exclusively by SiCap Industries LLC, an upstate New York natural supplement manufacturer. SiCap’s management team claims their product is the answer for anyone looking to have good sex without the headache. Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries claims they’ve received several hundred letters from people praising the Sinus Buster for saving their sex lives.

“Just imagine getting a pounding headache every time you have sex. And doctors still don’t completely understand sex headaches, but we do know that much of the pain is created by the same means as many other chronic headaches. So it figures the sinus buster would work for these people too since it’s already proven to work for every other type of headache, and we’re talking more than 10,000 regular users. It’s no wonder we’ve gotten thank you letters from so many sex headache sufferers. To them -- just like us migraine and sinus sufferers, this product is a Godsend. I didn’t even know what a sex headache was until we started getting letters from our customers. I'm glad I don't get them,” says Perry.

And Wayne Perry is not alone, many people still don’t know what sex headaches are -- even when they suffer from them. One reason is that sexual disfunctions of any kind are rarely discussed, and most people find it hard to divulge their conditions to doctors because of the shame associated with sexual disfunctions – even headaches.

“Alot of the letters we received were from people who’ve never even told their sex partners about this problem. They just learn to live with it and suffer. It’s just like us cluster busters, and all the migraine people. We all just learn to get along and live with it. That’s how my life was until I discovered what hot pepper extract can do for headaches. What a godsend. The sinus buster is still so new, a lot of people think it's just a gimmick, but once they try it, people find out it’s the best damn headache remedy ever. And it beats every sinus and allergy medicine out there. And now we’re helping people with there sex lives. It really feels good to know we’ve got something that’s an absolute headache breakthrough,” boasts Perry.

One German study at the University of Munster, focused on 51 patients suffering from orgasmic headaches. Their scientists found men are more than three times as likely than women to be stricken by orgasmic headaches. Dr. Achim Frese, a professor involved in the study, surmises most patients experience bouts of these sex related headaches for only a few weeks. The symptoms can occur during all sexual activity including masturbation, but for most patients, the cycles can suddenly stop for weeks, months, or even years.

“The course of the disease varies widely. Some patients have only one bout in their whole life, while others have it for years with nearly every sexual activity. The headaches typically start when patients are in their mid 30s. Many times patients find the headaches will lessen or even go away altogether if sexual activity is stopped, or if the affected person assumes a more passive role during intercourse," says Dr. Frese.

Wayne Perry of SiCap Industries adds, "If you have to worry about how you're having sex just so you don't get a headache, then you're not having any fun...that's for sure. If the sinus buster can help, then that's the way to go. Besides the capsaicin also makes your body release endorphins, and that gives you an extra boost during sex. It's a win / win situation for everyone".

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Samples of the Sinus Buster are available for verifiable accredited media and medical professionals upon request by using the contact information that accompanies this release.

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