Mother-In-Law Humor Book Takes Hilarious Look at Age-Old Problem

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MILDEW, the playful acronym for Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong, has allowed the authors to conduct covert conversations about their MILDEWs for the last decade�without upsetting their husbands. "Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong: M.I.L.D.E.W." by Liz Bluper and Renée Plastique (Andrews McMeel, ISBN: 0-7407-4208-6, trade paperback, $9.95)

Does your mother-in-law still buy your husband underwear? Does she show up at your home unannounced? Does she dispense unwanted child-rearing advice? If so, you are not alone. Authors Liz Bluper and Renée Plastique (names have been changed to protect the guilty) are here to help with their new book "Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong: M.I.L.D.E.W."

By sharing hilarious anecdotes and offering practical strategies for coping with this all-too-common marital challenge, these two mother-in-law experts have penned a witty, insightful book that transcends age, gender, culture, geography, and time. MILDEW, the playful acronym for Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong, has allowed Bluper and Plastique to conduct covert conversations about their own MILDEWs for the past decade without their husbands being any the wiser.

As humorous stories began accumulating, Bluper and Plastique decided to broaden their MILDEW storytelling circle. Soon, this circle spanned the globe and MILDEW-sufferers from Iowa to India began sharing classic MILDEW moments:

“When I was pregnant with my son, MILDEW wanted us to name him after her husband, Ken. My husband and I, however, decided to name our son Jacob. MILDEW refused to accept this and proceeded to call our son Ken!”     —Gretchen, Maine

“MILDEW gave me a Thigh Master for Christmas one year.”     —Margot, Connecticut

“When I first tried breast-feeding I was very nervous. To make matters worse, MILDEW was standing next to me, watching intently. When the baby finally latched on, MILDEW reached over and pushed down on my breast so that she could see better... Can you imagine having MILDEW touch your boob?     —Olivia, Maryland

From the all-too-revealing quiz to the laugh-out-loud stories to the “hey, that might really work!” strategies, this book gives new meaning to the word “MILDEW.” Running the gamut from famous MILDEWs (such as the Queen of England) to everyday MILDEWs like yours and mine, the hysterical tales of pre-wedding horror, holiday chaos, and “helpful” child-rearing advice promise to keep everyone laughing and identifying with this universal, age-old challenge of married life. You’ll laugh your MILDEW away with the guilty pleasure of Bluper and Plastique’s "Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong: M.I.L.D.E.W."

Published by Andrews McMeel, the book retails for $9.95 and is available at booksellers throughout the country, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and To learn more, visit the MILDEW website at


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