Political Sabotage at Yahoo? Anti-Bush Website Mysteriously Erased, Blocking Worldwide Media/Press

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The bushvoodoo.com site which offers the "Disaster Accomplished" Bush Squeeze Voodoo Doll for sale is wiped from existance during their weekend launch and media blitz. Sabotage from a "Dirty Tricks" staffer within the Yahoo! Billing/Support staff suspected.

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Late Sunday afternoon, the bushvoodoo.com website and online store (both hosted by Yahoo!) mysteriously disappeared completely from their servers. When frantic bushvoodoo.com staffers contacted customer support, they were told that the account was "Closed for non-payment" and that "Nothing" could be done.

A Yahoo Billing Supervisor, contacted on Monday morning, stated that the bushvoodoo.com account was in "perfect standing" and should have never been cancelled" - She was unable to explain why the cancellation occurred.

One of the bushvoodoo.com Founding Partners, having a background in computers, was able to rebuild the online store and recover the website overnight. However, regardless of the sites dramatic rebirth, all email from press outlets continue to be blocked or bounced back causing frustration to the small firm.

Allen White of bushvoodoo.com stated that "Yahoo staff appear to be incapable of correcting the sabotage and we have appealed to the CEO of Yahoo through an unpublished email address." As of yet, no response has been received.

Just 24 hours before, it seemed apparent that the sites launch would be a success when a caller mentioned it on the Randi Rhodes radio show that is a part of the new Liberal Air America Radio Network. The brief mention set off a flurry of activity at the site and dozens of "Kudos" calls and emails from site visitors.

The original press release can be viewed at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/5/122613.php

A major goal of bushvoodoo.com and the George Bush Squeeze Voodoo Doll is to combat voter apathy, foster interest in the 2004 election and encourage voters to cast their votes on Election Day. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the dolls will be donated to non-profit organizations that do the same.

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